In the popular most known Star Wars Universe, a lightsaber is a fictional sword that was featured with a signature weapon that is being used by Star Wars with the Jedi Order. The Jedi Lightsaberhas the ability to show where it can be used when it comes to cutting, melting, or even burning different types of elements with a lot of ease and because of this, many Star War fans find a reason to even love it more. The market is filled with varieties of light sabers. Here is a guide to help you when shopping for the best Jedi lightsaber online.

Design of the Jedi Lightsaber:

Design is an important thing to consider having access to when you are buying a Jedi lightsaber online. Have a look at the nature of the hilt that has been used in making the lightsaber. In today’s market, most models have either plastic hilts or metallic hilts. The Jedi lightsaber should be having a hilt that will feel real when touched and even look real. Also, check out whether you want to buy a single or double blade. When considering buying one that’s with a plastic handle, ensure that it’s strong enough to be able to withstand the intense cosplay battles. The body of the Jedi lightsaber is either a single blade, a double blade, or an emerald saber. Be sure you know the difference before you make a purchase.

Sound Accessories:

There’s no Jedi experience that’s complete without a distinctive hum or a crackling sound made by the Jedi lightsaber. Those with sound have a custom Premium Obsidian soundboard which gives you the capability of storing sounds and changing them at any time when needed by downloading other new drivers. Sounds made from different Jedi Lightsaber have outstanding properties. Ensure that the one you consider has humming sounds, authentic movie sounds, and motion sensor sounds.

Lights of the Jedi Lightsaber:

The foremost thing that people will notice first about the Jedi lightsaber is its color. This lightsaber is made to have a visual effect which in most cases has been designed to have a shaky look to make the sword vibrate. There are different colors of the Jedi lightsaber for you to choose the one you need. There are some blades that will allow you to change colors, therefore, creating an epic transition of colors from red to blue. Therefore, the color switching feature ensures that it lights up with a different color every time it’s turned on. 

Power Options:

Most of the Jedi lightsabers are powered by batteries. In the current market, the available models are powered by AA batteries. Always inquire whether these batteries are included with the package or are to be bought separately since this depends on the models that you are purchasing. Without a source of power, the Jedi Lightsabers cannot produce movie sounds and light with the colors they offer.  When taking a look at the power, it is also advised that you consider the saving abilities of the power.

In addition, the Ahsoka force fx lightsaber has got an excellent feel and weight with authentic battle sounds when it’s moved around. This type of lightsaber has a light that’s authentic green. When buying it online, browse through the different sellers to have a look at their prices in order to buy the one whose price best fits your pocket. Some customer reviews will help you in evaluating the product and seeing whether it’s legit and at the same time, you’ll get to know more about the customer services being offered.