Are you planning to buy a flashing camera for home security? If so, then one should read Buyblinktoday com reviews before making your final buying decision.

There are many products and alternatives out there to increase home security, but you must invest in the best as a potential buyer. Blink is an Amazon company that brought its unique blink camera to the US market to provide people with eternal home security at an affordable price.

Let’s discover his best opinions to know this product in depth.

What is Buyblinktoday com?

Blink is a popular company in the United States when purchasing a home security camera. Here we have shared the in depth details to better understand whether Buyblinktoday is legit or a scam.

Blink is an Amazon company that has released their best home security camera named “blink”. Everything about this camera is superbly designed and works without any problems. There you won’t find the stress of connecting the wires and checking the contacts.

In addition, it is a complete camera with features like live streaming, long battery life, night vision, Alexa, etc. In our research, we found its first look to be very impressive due to its sleek design, the quality of its outdoor camera, and its attractive look. It is also maintained with a strong waterproofing material which means it is protected in all climates and gives a clear picture. Read Buyblinktoday com reviews to find out whether you should buy this product or not.

Specifications of Buyblinktoday com:

• Product name: Blink Smart Home Camera

• Batteries: 8 AA lithium batteries

• Battery life: 2 years

• Color: black and white

• Cameras: 3 HD cameras

• Night vision camera: 1080P HD camera quality

• Shipping: 5-10 working days

• Payment method: PayPal

• Guarantee – 30 day money back guarantee

Benefits of buying Buyblinktoday com

• We have found positive reviews on Buyblinktoday com

• Two-way audio

• Two years of battery life

• High resolution video performance

• Motion detection

• Privacy zones

• Addition of Alexa

• waterproof

• No environmental stress

• HD camera quality

• Elegant style

• Easy to install

• Blink home monitoring app

Cons of buying Buyblinktoday com

• People are not happy with the quality of the night camera

• 5 minute delay

• This gives a narrow view

• Does not have free storage space for video recording

• The router covers a short distance

Is Buyblinktoday legit?

After reading its pros and cons, now you must be faced with a dilemma of whether or not it can be beneficial. Besides its night vision, the flashing camera has solid image quality which is its greatest strength. Compared to other alternatives, we have found blink to be a great device to choose. However, if your only motive is to invest in a night camera that gives the video crisp and solid quality, you should check out its premium features.

Considering its strengths, we have found that it offers the best daytime vision, crisp two-way audio and video that is easy to set up and use in any environment. Plus, its Alexa integration feature and blinking home monitor app are just great. What we liked the most was its easy setup. You don’t need to worry about threads and sudden surprises.

What are Buyblinktoday com reviews?

To give our readers the best result, we did extensive web research for Buyblinktoday com reviews and found people to be happy with this latest technology. Over 2 million people have purchased this product and have shared their positive reviews on its official website about its great features including wireless camera, monitor app, HD camera, night vision camera, etc.

However, we have also found that people share their weak points, such as poor night camera quality, poor customer service, and narrow view. Despite this, people liked the flashing camera and got a 3.5 out of 5 star rating.

Well, we say to believe ourselves blindly. You can browse the web or ask your friend for advice before making your decision. But in our opinion, the blink looks legitimate and worth buying.


Finally, Buyblinktoday com reviews if you want peace of mind and an easy to set up home security camera, Amazon launched blink as a great tech for everyone. Moreover, its price is low, so anyone can buy it and live stress-free.

Plus, its two-year battery life, HD camera, and monitoring app are great for staying up to date with outdoor activities. We found it to be worth the purchase, rest on the decision.