There was a time when sunglasses were just a functional thing to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. Well, that era has gone, and the target now is to combine function and personal style. This is easier said than done, because when you buy a new pair of sunglasses, there are many factors to consider like wrap around prescription safety glasses.

Select the sunglasses that best suit your face

Nothing is worse than ordering sunglasses supplier online only to find that they aren’t the right size. Don’t worry, there are solutions.

Take care when purchasing

Before you buy a new pair, consider these things: From your face shape to the quality of your lenses.

The face shape

While the debate over sunglasses’ face shapes is complex, there are some conventions you can follow. Your face should not be longer than your nose. If you have a longer face, there should be soft lines around your cheeks. The rest of the custom Sunglasses can be easily accessed. You can choose from square or round styles and you can also pick from oversized and drooping silhouettes.

The rules for the rest of us are more complicated. Curved and round hairstyles can soften prominent facial features like square chins and obvious cheekbones. You can also have a square frame with rounded corners, but too many geometric shapes may emphasize your angle and make it look rough.

For a rounder style, a square face is better than a rounder one. A rounder face will need more structure and definition. The classic wayfarer is universally suitable and can be worn by almost any man.


It’s important to consider color, material, as well as detail when comparing frames. Some features, like double bridge or thick borders, will bring out certain parts of the face. This can lead to people noticing thick eyebrows and well-defined cheekbones. Contrasting bright colors with thinner frames can create a similar effect. However, it is easier to be distracted by bright colors. The timeless options are goodr aviators, tortoise shell, metal frame and black.

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The most durable and comfortable sunglasses are made of acetate or metal. The metal frame is suitable for small and thin designs and offers greater flexibility and adjustability.

Every eyewear brand will give you a protective cover at no cost. It will protect the lens and frame from scratches, as well as prolong the life of your product.


Protection is the main objective of the lens. Look for lenses that offer full spectrum (100%) UV protection. Also, make sure to check the CE mark to ensure they meet basic protection standards.

Some tinted lenses can also be polarized. They are made to block glare and increase contrast. Colored lenses and mirrors are a fashionable option and have become a mainstay of the season’s collection. You should be aware that trends can change quickly so stick with traditional lenses colors like black, gray, green and brown gradients. is a professional supplier of custom sunglasses in China. Our glasses factory mainly produces and wholesales promotional sunglasses, polarized glasses, fashion sunglasses, blue block glasses, reading glasses, and fashion sunglasses.

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