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Street racing in GTA 5

Car racing is already a feature in Grand Theft Auto. Chapter 5 of the game enables players to participate in real-life street racing. This time, you will have to pay a deposit in order to participate but you will have the potential to earn money if you are successful. If you finish third out of all racers, you will receive a negative, i.e. you will receive less money than you paid as a participant’s fee. After finishing the second, the player returns to zero, and the same money he paid before the race is given to him as a prize. Only if the player finishes first it will be possible to get a profit.

There are a few key guidelines to know before starting a race:

  • The most important is do not to let the main character die or your automobile (bike) be completely destroyed.
  • The use of any sort of weapon is prohibited.
  • You can use a shortcut to get to the finish line faster but keep in mind that this is not possible in Mary Ann missions.
  • Attempt to cut off the participants at every chance, even if it means forcing them off the track; the essential is not to beat them.
  • Always strive to hold a full speed and go through the turns as fast as possible but remember that a mistake might cost you the victory.

Franklin will be allowed to begin street racing immediately after receiving Hao’s only mission Shift Work. Franklin identifies Hao as a seasoned racer. During the day, this guy works as a regular technician at the LS Customs office near the airport, but at night, he transforms into a true street racer. You’ll see this man if you go to LS Customs. Hao’s task is only attainable at night and after meeting Tonya. The man is easy to find because he hangs out in his area under the bridge. When you meet him, he will urge the character to acquire a race car. Clinton’s Bravado Buffalo is ideal for this job. So, don’t delay and go to the starting point shown on the map.

Five riders, including Hao, will be your initial opponents. Overtaking them is actually rather straightforward, however, the most crucial factor here is attention. Also, try do not to collide with different objects. The number of accidents per race must be kept to a minimum in order to receive gold for this mission. There may be no more than four accidents, except minor damage. To cross tough spots, use Franklin’s ability to slow down while driving.

You simply need to drive a few loops here, and the path is straightforward. If you complete the race in less than 2:50 minutes and one lap takes less than one minute and twenty seconds, you will receive a gold medal. It turns out that there are three requirements for gold, two of which are related to time and the third to the number of collisions.

After completing Hao’s task, messages with race location information will be regularly delivered to your mobile device. The deployment will be denoted on the map by a specific symbol depicting a sports flag and a vehicle. These contests are only available from 22:00 to morning. To vanquish opponents, the character only needs to use his stock Buffalo S.