Engagement rings are the most precious thing present in one’s life. It is a symbol of love and happiness. Generally, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger because it is believed that the nerve will connect our relationship directly to the heart. Finding the perfect engagement ring is a symbol of commitment and signals and important next step for any couple. 

To start a life, one should go with valuable things. That is a moissanite rings. It gives elegant look and the real meaning of life. At the same time, it is budget-friendly to use and work for long years. So many couples preferred it a lot for their engagement. Many designs can do on the moissanite gem, here the cutting of the stone matters. So, every ring will have a unique design.  

Is it worth buying? 

Yes, it is the second rare gem present on the earth. It is more valuable than buying sapphire and other gemstones. After the diamond, moissanite is the next valued gem present on the earth. When people are confused about buying the diamond because of its cost the next thing they will go with is a moissanite stone. There are more advantages to using them.  

So, it is always worth to buy and even the resale value is high. The only thing is people need to get the value certificate while purchasing it because to make sure about its quality. Some may use naturally grown moissanite gem on the ring. It is not worth it as a real gem. So, we need to clarify before the purchase. 

Why does it is known as rare diamonds? 

Getting a moissanite gem is as rare because SiC. It is the rare mineral found in the world. It is formed from the SiC mineral the deep decomposition of the mineral will result from the stone. To form a gem, it will take more than a few hundred years. To the deep of the under earth digging people can find the stone. That’s why it is known as rarer than diamond  

Here comes the question of why the rate of a moissanite is lesser than the diamond. It is more shiner than a diamond because of the refractive index points are high here. So, when the ring is exposed to the natural lightings it will reflect as a rainbow color. In diamond rings, there won’t be reflections of rainbow color. Due to this specific reason, the value is lesser than diamond but the quality of both the rings are same. 

Advantages of using it: 

There are many advantages. Such as, 

  • Lifelong warranty. 
  • More shiner than diamond. 
  • Cost-effective to buy. 
  • The resale value is high. 
  • Rare gemstone. 
  • Suitable for all occasions. 
  • Unbreakable and scratches-free. 
  • Gives elegant look to the people. 
  • Color won’t fade away at any cost. 
  • Will last for a long time. 
  • The quality certificate will be provided during the purchase. 

What is the resale value of it? 

Generally, when people buy a valuable thing, they will think about its resale value too. Most people don’t sell their jewels due to money problems or something else. There are some reasons too. Such the model of the jewel can become bored old model, either it can be broken, doesn’t fit their size, they don’t like the design, etc., many reasons are behind to sell the valuable jewel. It is nothing worth keeping it on home further.  

A person can get nearly 50 – 60% of its hike value while selling them. The value of moissanite will increase day by day because it is one of the rare gems to get. Always a person gains profit while selling it on the market.