Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is one of the most exciting martial arts in existence. This high-paced martial style is inspiring millions of people all over the world to get in touch with their bodies and learn how to defend themselves. 

BJJ, however, requires high-performance shorts. The amount of movement, kicking and legwork involved means that you need apparel that is capable of going the distance. The last thing you want is to feel restricted or experience a crotch tear. That would be a disaster!

BJJ shorts are important for two reasons. 

First, they help you with your training. The best shorts offer massive freedom of movement, allowing you to do your strengthening exercises and practices, without constantly having to adjust. 

Second, they are suitable for combat situations, whether sparring or in active competition. Our shorts offer a range of essential features that allow you to move freely and focus on the fight without distractions. 

In this blog post, we discuss some of the features you should look for in BJJ shorts. We also answer the question of why you should buy yours from Habrok. 

BJJ shorts


Think about the amount of punishment that the average BJJ shorts have to withstand. Not only do they have to cope with rapid movements, but they also have to deal with friction from regular floorwork. 

Fortunately, all the shorts in our collection come with hard-wearing material. When you put them on, you can immediately feel the difference. You get the sensation that you’re wearing something designed to last for many years, not just a couple of training sessions. 

Range Of Movement

You’ll also notice that all our BJJ shorts offer massive flexibility. You get a huge range of motion, allowing you to kick high, stretch, and maneuver your body how you like.

The design you choose can depend on your personal style. We offer baggy BJJ shorts that immediately flare out from the waist, designed to be worn with skin-hugger undergarments. And we offer compression options for those who want their clothing to hug their bodies. 

Affordable Prices

Perhaps most importantly, our BJJ shorts are affordable. 

Too many retailers these days expect their customers to pay premiums to get a certain brand. But we don’t believe that any of that is necessary. We love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu just as much as you do and we want the sport to be accessible for all. Asking people to pay premium prices for their gear prevents many people from getting started and wrecks the experience. There is no reason that prices can’t come down with the right suppliers, fabrics, and technology. And that’s precisely what we’re endeavoring to achieve. 

So if you’re looking for high-quality BJJ shorts, be sure to check out our collection. Habrok offers legal shorts that allow you to stand out both on the mat and in competition. It’s time to stop paying over-the-odds for sports apparel that you could source for a fraction of the price. Choose us today and start your saving journey.