Studies have shown that Business Process Management in the Real Estate sector is set to grow by a CAGR of 25.1% by the end of 2026.

But what exactly is Business Process Management? And why is it essential in the Real Estate sector? This blog covers what BPM is and how it is changing the property business with the help of Real Estate CRM.

Business Process Management – An Overview

Any business has a collection of internal processes and workflows directed towards an objective (the desired outcome). Since the workflows and processes involve a lot of steps and staff, they aren’t always efficient. Sometimes there are deviations from standard workflows that create a process bottleneck, which in turn causes loss of potential sales to the property business.

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To ensure that such bottlenecks are found and fixed, Business Process Management is practised in the Real Estate market. Through BPM, an organization can track the glitches, inefficiencies, blockages, and problems in its workflows and fix them.

The combination of the Internet and SaaS (software as a service) technology, as well as a major push for all companies to go digital first, has resulted in idx real estate.

Business Process Management involves the following steps:

  • Analyzing workflows and processes
  • Remodelling problematic processes
  • Implementation of the new model
  • Monitoring the performance of the new model
  • Managing the outcomes
  • Automating the process when the outcome is desirable

Nowadays, automation is handled by the Business Process Management software, mainly in the Real Estate industry. Here is why BPM automation can benefit a property business.

Business Process Management in Real Estate – A Holistic CRM Solution

Real Estate is a highly dynamic business. It not only has a sensitive market but also deals in high-consideration sales. It, therefore, is essential for any Real Estate company to stay relevant and sharp every step of the way not to lose any opportunities.

Business Process Management plays a vital role in achieving a seamless operation right from property inquiry to sales. A good Real Estate CRM software helps your business optimize workflows so that loss of leads can be minimized. Here is how a good business process software can help your property company make the most out of its time:

  • Instead of purely rerouting approvals from one person to the next, intelligent BPM software can work with a set of rules and parallel documents to create an efficient workflow.
  • A BPM software can help a business reduce its running costs by creating efficient processes that handle more tasks in lesser time.
  • With an excellent Real Estate business process, you can even measure the effectiveness of your staff at handling tasks.

Owning such functionalities is the key to charting a significant growth in property sales. BPM can now be entirely entrusted to innovative, end-to-end Real Estate CRM solutions these days. One such holistic CRM in the market is Sell.Do, a solution that provides customizable BPM to a company. Here are a few ways Sell.Do benefits your business in streamlining the processes:

Business Process Management With Sell.Do

India’s only end-to-end, fully integrable CRM created especially for the Real Estate industry, Sell. Do brings a host of useful features with it that help you make the best of your property business. When it comes to optimizing business processes, Sell.Do boasts of capabilities such as:

Streamlining Approvals

More often than not, it is problematic to close any deal at the team level because of hierarchy issues and price negotiation limits. Sell.Do creates processes that bring the entire team on the same page with the same set of rules on pricing and negotiation, approval escalation matrix for demand letters and other documents, thus making the road less bumpy.

Scoring Meaningful Leads

Not all leads are equally promising, and they don’t need to be treated the same. Sell.Do’s intelligent algorithms sort through the collected leads and separate the duds from the hot leads. Based on this list, you can chart the course of action and varying levels of importance to each lead depending on how interested it is.

Smart Allocation

Salespersons and executives are busy people. Just because a handful of them are performing exceptionally, they can’t be expected to handle most of the traffic. Sell.Do intelligently routes each lead through the customer-care systems based on the kind of assistance requested, saving time for your staff and keeping the leads engaged at the same time.

Optimization Through Automation

Sell.Do has customizable automation capabilities that enable the automation of marketing and sales processes to the extent that you would like. Clearing up bottlenecks in this aspect of a business directly translates into improved conversions.

All of these benefits make Sell.Do the optimal Real Estate CRM software for your business process management needs.


Processes are bound to be problematic unless they are optimized specifically for a singular purpose. BPM is an important exercise that every property business should practice. Sell.Do makes it possible to streamline the internal workflows of a business and cut down on unnecessary effort. Try it today.