Marketing trends undergo massive changes all the time. Once popular marketing strategies like telemarketing are no longer leveraged. Every year brings a new set of advertising tactics, especially for small businesses. 2020 is bringing in marketing automation, voice search, personalization, and other crucial trends.

Today, we have the ability to gather and measuring data, thanks to technology. This helps us determine which channels work for our business and which don’t. Planning and executing becomes much more efficient. And you can eliminate the channels, which don’t pull.

When I ventured into the industry with my small business, all I had was an Optimum Internet Only deal and a team comprising of four members. With hit and trial, we capitalized on the best marketing strategies. And we never stopped updating them with the changing times. Let’s know about effective marketing strategies to implement in 2020.

Know Your Customer

Have a deep understanding of your customers’ needs, expectations, preferences, and pain-points. It will help you provide them with a customized shopping experience.

Learn more about their shopping behaviors, social media habits, and all that you can. Because when it comes to marketing, the only opinion that counts is of the customers. Consider this the first and foremost hack of running a successful small business.

You can ensure a massive revenue generation. But you have to deliver according to your clientele’s expectations. Keep your products/services customer-centered. Make sure your marketing messages appear on the right channels. Also, with the right timing, and in ways, which engage your clientele and push them toward action.

Embrace Customer Relationship Management

Personalization remains to be one of the most powerful factors for marketing success. Customers are more likely to respond to one-to-one marketing efforts. Ones that are tailored exclusively for them. Take full advantage of the idea of exclusivity because customers love it!

Start paying attention to the customers’ history. This will help you offer more refined and tailored experiences. Relationship marketing systems or CRM (customer relationship management) tools are important here. They will help you recognize your customers individually. You can store data related to them and utilize it.

Let this data drive your communication with your clients. You can figure out which customers would consider upselling benefits. Who would be interested in customer loyalty options! Using these tools smartly will allow you to make categories of customers. Base them on similar interests. You can send them relevant content and newsletters accordingly.

Work Hard at Leveraging Social Media

Ensuring a strong presence on social media forums is pivotal to your small business. We are almost sure that you have active profiles on most of the popular social networking forums. Such as Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, and Twitter. However, what you do with those profiles is what matters. You need to ensure relevant and consistent social media marketing. Especially for your small business. Take a strategic approach to offer relevant content to your followers. This will build your reputation and credibility.

Too busy to post consistently? Hiring a social media manager/influencer would reap great benefits. People are content-hungry. So, make sure that you feed interesting, catchy, and helpful content to your customers.

Coming up with a frequent publication schedule will help. Once you have worked it out, the rest will be easy. Also, make sure you use analytics on these forums. Keep a constant track of what brought in more traction from customers. This will help you ensure improved engagement.

Mobile Commerce is on the Rise

The rise of mobile commerce is quite imminent. This year, mobile-commerce sales are expected to be more than half of the total sales in the United States.

Make sure that your website is well optimized. Consider investing in building a mobile app too. Modern customers prefer shopping from websites and apps. Therefore, it is advisable to make this visionary move. Moreover, mobile apps are comparatively more user-friendly than their browser counterparts are. This futuristic investment is sure to bring in more engagement. And more conversion for your small business!

Use More Video Content

We have always heard that content is king. Well, this is still relevant. It’s just that the types of content have changed. Video content is a rage these days. It is equally popular on social media and websites. Some brands have even introduced video snippets in their product details with images.

It makes sense why video is the next new trend in content. No one likes to skim through massive chunks of monotonous text even if they love the product. And this is true even for tech nerds who are buying a new game console or a TV. They would love to watch a video with all the product details. Instead of reading 60 bullets of specs and features.

They would even like to know Optimum prices and features in a video clip. Before they decide to subscribe to an internet plan. Now is the time to embrace this futuristic content trend.