Registering your business with an online directory is a very effective way to drive customers to your website, and therefore give you the best chance of earning revenue when they have found you. This is common sense in today’s connected world; it is also a fact of life when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO). Every time a potential customer finds your website via an online directory, this is noted by Google and other search engines. The outcome of this linkage is that both your business and the online directory get a nudge higher up the SEO rankings. This in turn makes your business even more easy to find. So, listing your organisation on a reputable online business directory makes sense every way you look at it.

Choosing the Right Directories

As there is a huge range of business directories to choose from, it is worthwhile starting from a place that’s familiar. Google, Facebook and Yell are all very familiar brands, and all have free basic listings services. As a way of getting started in the world of digital marketing (which is exactly what online business directories represent), go through the process of registering your business on one or all of these familiar sites. This will show what kind of details you need to register with business directories, including a brief description of your offering, which is absolutely vital when it comes to standing out from your competitors. As all of these brands have a huge reach and are well trusted, you don’t have to worry about a decrease in rankings for your website. The downside of such huge names is that they lack a personal touch; this is something which the right directories for your sector and / or location will give you.

UK Only Directories

Another disadvantage of the mega sites like Facebook is that they cover the whole world, so entering a search for your town might result in businesses for a place with the same name, often in the USA. This is simply because there are likely to be an awful lot more people in the US version than in your town, hence more search results, and the site will show these first. For this reason, British businesses (especially small to medium enterprises or SMEs) will want a UK specific online business directory. As these directories require businesses to actively register with them, rather than just exist as a website on the internet, only UK based businesses are allowed on. As this hugely simplifies the search process, this in turn allows these sites to offer useful premium services. Although initial listings are free, businesses can pay for facilities such as SEO maximization, content creation and pay per click usage.

Industry Specific Directories

As well as UK based directory sites, another choice small businesses have is to opt for industry specific listings. Having already located your business in the country, it might make sense for you to be listed alongside other specialists or trades, such as chiropractors or solicitors. If you supply a certain range of “niche” products, or a wider range of goods like car parts, anyone looking for something in that range will be able to find businesses quickly with an industry specific search. With delivery options expanding all the time,you may be able to supply customers across quite a wide area within the UK. Industry specific searches cut out potentially wasted processing time and are more likely to promote your business website at the first attempt, which is often when people make their choice.

Local Directories

For many small businesses, serving their local community is their sole purpose, and indeed the entire source of their revenue. If someone moves into a new locality, it’s likely they will already have searched for certain professionals in that area before choosing to move. After schools and hospitals, this will probably mean things like gyms, certain types of food retailers and restaurants, and the myriad of products and services only local businesses can provide. If your company is one of these, it’s essential to be listed in a local business directory. Make sure the directory site is current, well used and that your competitors are all listed. This way, you will satisfy both your customers and the all important SEO rankings, all of which is good for business.