This guide contains details about the new Bunnings Dyson Scam that targets many people from different regions.

There are many types of scams going on and people are being targeted in Australia in the name of Bunnings. Scammers use tricks to trick people into giving out their personal information.

Scammers use social media platforms, false emails, websites, and SMS messages to scam people and offer them opportunities to win fake gifts or job opportunities. Bunnings warns customers not to take fake social media posts seriously.

Scammers claim that Dyson products are available for as low as $4. However, it is not connected to Bunnings. Beware of scammers like this. Bunnings Dyson Scam targets many people.

What’s Bunnings?

Bunnings, a well-known household hardware chain, is owned and operated since 1994 by Wesfarmers. It has locations in New Zealand and Australia. An English immigrant brother founded the company in Perth in 1886. When it was founded, the company was limited and focused on sawmilling. In 1952, the company became a public corporation and began to venture into retail by taking over several hardware stores.

The local market has a 50% market share for Bunnings. It is now a household name and scammers use the brand name to perpetrate scams.

Bunnings Dyson Scam: What It Is?

Bunnings Scam is a new Facebook scam that targets loyal customers. Scammers are using fake texts to send fake messages to customers and share the fake post for the company. They ask people to give their personal information in order to be eligible to win rewards and gifts.

Scammers have been posing fake offers and discounts and claiming that Dyson products are available for $4. The brand warns customers not to fall for these scam posts, as they don’t offer such deals.

Bunnings Dyson Scam Targets Many People, and the company is making efforts to be aware all customers.

What is the Scam?

Many people are being targeted by the scam using fake Facebook posts, emails, text messages and fake texts. They also claim to be offering job opportunities, gifts, prizes and other opportunities. They share suspicious links and urge people to click the link.

Clicking will redirect them to a 3rd party site where they can complete various tasks.

  • Online survey submission
  • Like, comment, share, and like the Facebook page
  • Phone sharing of personal information
  • Claim the prize via fake email

Bunnings Dyson Scam Targets Many People. The company has been constantly warning customers to be alert. Customers are advised not to give out any personal information, but to report the scam messages, calls, or emails to the local police and cyber security unit.

Anyone who has received scam messages from Bunnings should immediately report it to , the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.


Bunnings, a well-known Australian hardware chain, has millions of customers. Scammers are using the brand name to scam people. Scammers use Facebook pages and false emails to target victims of the Bunnings Dyson Scam.

Be aware of scams that ask you to give your personal information in order to be eligible for prizes, Dyson products worth $4, job opportunities, or other benefits. You can also read the Tips to Protect Yourself From a Scam.

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