If you are looking for a clever space-saving solution for your kid’s room, then a bunk bed is the best solution. When you are shopping in furniture stores in Grand Prairie, you will get plenty of options. To avoid feeling confused and overwhelmed, you need to consider the following things:

Consider the space

Bunk beds are designed to fit compact rooms and spaces still, it is better to measure the room in advance. The general rule is to place a bunk bed in the room with a ceiling at a minimum height of  8-inches. Generally, the bunk beds come in the measurement of 6 inches in length and height. But, if you are getting an L-shaped bunk bed or the one that has additional storage, they will consume more space in the room.

The standard bunk sizes that you usually find in the furniture store in Grand Prairieinclude:

Twin over twin

It is a popular choice for little kids. It consumes less space making it easy to fit furniture pieces in other corners.

Twin over full bunk

This furniture piece has one twin bed on the top and one full bed on the bottom. Itis a great option when an older child has to share a room with a younger sibling.

Full over full bunk

As the name reflects, both the upper and bottom beds are full size. It can last for years as your kids can grow in these beds.

Twin loft

It is a great solution for small spaces and has a bed on the top with a desk or storage on the bottom. The twin loft maximizes the space without compromising on style.

Style Requirements

You need to finalize the material requirements for the room. Do you need a metal or wood frame? What color do you want? Do you need a ladder or staircase for the bed?

Consider these options before buying any bunk bed to match your style. The ready-to-use beds are made of wood and come in a variety of colors and themes. But, if you are looking for sturdier material, you can get bunk beds made with metal frames. They are difficult to find, so you will have to custom-design them.

Feature Requirements

Determine what features you will need with the bunk beds. You can have the option for extra storage or a desk attached.

The loft design beds are the preferable choice for people who needs a study desk with the bed. Several designs and variations are available for you.

If you need extra storage, you can easily find bunk beds in furniture stores that come with cupboards and drawers at the bottom of the bed. Another elegant way to save space in the room is to use a stairway chest that comprises of big storage drawer at each step.

Keep Safety in Check

Some prerequisites need to be taken care of before allowing your children to use the bed. Regardless of how old your kid is, the bed should have a rail and support along the stairs, so they have something to grab on. Other than that, you should also have a head and footboard installed on the bunk bed.

Get the Right Mattress

While you are shopping for bunk beds in Grand Prairie, TXyou also need to look at a suitable mattress. The length, height, and width need to be considered carefully, as you might need to choose a thinner mattress to provide enough space for the kid sleeping in the upper bunk.

If you live in Grand Prairie, you can visit the Furniture Market GPstore. You will find plenty of options within your budget and according to your style.