While using App Store, you may realize that there are a lot of apps you’ve heard about that are not available there. This may be frustrating, as there is so much left in the amazing world of applications to explore. Then why limit yourself? BuildStore is one of the biggest and most reliable third-party app stores where you can safely download hundreds of apps and tweaks to use on your iOS device. It is the most used application platform for sideloading, which does not require jailbreaking your smartphone or iPad. You can download the apps from the website and use them straight away. 

What is sideloading?

Unfortunately, official app stores do not always have all we need. That’s where comes sideloading. It is the way to install or download different applications and tweaks to your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) from sources other than official stores. BuildStore is the most convenient way to sideload for iOS devices. 

What is BuildStore?

Strict policies reject dozens of apps to join the official App Store every day. In this case, the only way for the developers to share their app with the audience all over the world is to through an alternative app store. The biggest of them is BuildStore with thousands of active users daily. 

How does it work?

You can easily download your favorite apps and tweaks by visiting

Builds.io – the official website of the service. There you can find a vast library of applications you can download straight to your iOS device. All you need to remember is to use the website on your Safari browser in non-private mode. Click on the app, download it to your device, and enjoy!

No more jailbreaking risks

Jailbreaking your device is always risky, as it can damage it dramatically. With Builds.io you never have to take such risks. You don’t need to change any pre-imposed software restrictions to play your favorite games or using your best-loved tweaks!

Safe and reliable service

Continuously operating since 2013, BuildStore stays trustworthy and safe for all users. It has already built a reputation as a reliable application platform among its audience. Besides the quality of the service BuildStore provides unlimited access to more than 300 apps and tweaks. BuildStore updates the apps as soon as a new version is released and adds dozens of new apps monthly. 

You don’t need any specific knowledge or tools to use the service. Its interface is very user-friendly and carefully guides you through all the steps of joining the service. The onboarding process was well praised by more than 15 000 users daily, which makes BuildStore the most used alternative app store for iOS.

Time-saving platform

The developers sometimes update their apps way too often, so the ordinary user does not have time to keep track of all the changes. Builds.io relieved them of the need to constantly keep their finger on the pulse. With the Auto-update apps feature all apps are updating to the latest version automatically. All you need is just enjoy your apps without any worries! The service also provides an additional feature of “Request an app” where you can also request an application that you might like.

Unbeatable customer support 24/7

With BuildStore you can be sure that all your queries will be responded to by qualified and highly skilled support agents. The service sticks to a human approach in every aspect despite the virtual essence of the platformю There is always someone there for you!

Extensive apps library

There wouldn’t be enough space in any article to mention all the amazing apps and tweaks Builds.io has to offer. All of the apps in the library are carefully checked and continuously updated, so the users can relish the best. Here is a short-list of the apps BuildStore users have been loving lately:

  • iPogo
  • Delta
  • null
  • GBA4IOS 2.1
  • iNDS
  • Cercube 5 for YouTube
  • MovieBoxPro
  • ZiniTevi 
  • MediaBox HD
  • YouTube++
  • Instagram Rocket
  • Instagram++
  • Spotifyplus

Sum up and go!

BuildStore is an alternative app store for iOS devices. It has hundreds of apps and tweaks, from the most popular to unique ones. It is a service you can trust, with great support and a huge library of updated apps. Why wait to join it? It’s super easy! Here is a step-by-step guide to getting on board:

  • Go to Builds.io, sign up and get registered
  • Use the Activation Link on the device you want to enjoy the service on
  • Install the profile by clicking the “Accept” button
  • Make the payment for your subscription via the main page or Applications link from your user profile page
  • Get access to the library and download any app by clicking “Install” near the app icon

After completing these easy steps you can use the service straight away. Amazing games, favorite apps, unique tweaks – they are all yours at Builds.io