In the early days when Instagram was new for everyone, not many people paid much attention to it or how Instagram could be used for building up great graphics using different layout designs. The scene as of now is different. In today’s world of social media influencers and social life, people have understood the importance of great structured and pleasant graphics which is also attractive.

If people and the audience find that your layout is properly designed and well structured, there are high chances that they will follow you. So here are some ways on how you can build your favorite graphics with the awesome instagram post designer layouts.

1. Horizontal Lines layout

This one tops the list. Horizontal layouts are something that is used by many of the influencers and also loved by the audience. The horizontal layout can be done by narrating a story but it must be kept in mind that these stories are posted 3 times consecutively. Posts or pictures on the left and right must be posed accordingly so that people can understand and relate well.

2. Vertical lines

Vertical lines are among those layouts which are to be followed quite strictly. While posting each picture you have to keep in mind one special quote or some linings which will suit or match your post. Through this vertical layout, the audience will be attracted to your posts and will always be curious about your next post. Some profile visitors will also be interested to know that how long have you been following this layout.

3.Putting white borders

White borders or white layouts are very simple and classy. White borders are something that adds uniqueness to your posts along with giving them a calm look. White borders can help you create some amazing looks and make your posts even more engaging and thus creating a stylish graphic all over.

4.Puzzle layout

Instagram puzzle layout is very trendy and popular among people. Puzzles are something that everyone loves and so the audience. A great puzzle like posts or pictures in form of graphics is a great way of engagement. However, these puzzle layouts are a little difficult to create but with the help of a good layout, one can make and create it very easily that too with the least graphic design knowledge. Generally, these puzzle layouts have 7 pictures or posts and one can edit them according to their preference.

5. Checkerboard layout

Similar to the tiles in our homes, the checkerboard layout is done with the posts. This layout is as simple as posting on Instagram. You can put in your graphic pictures one after the another but make sure that with every post try putting and posting a picture with a nice quote that would match with your recent post.  Checkerboard layout is very popular among the designers and also very easy.


So these were some of the most popular and in trend Instagram layouts to build nice graphics. These themes are fun and also improves the whole look of your page. Instagram’s interesting method of laying out gives a field to the imagination that will help you make your profile not quite the same as the rest. 

In this article, we covered the trendiest Instagram layout options that can be used for your graphics. You can utilize them as a premise to make new ones and foster your vision. You can try this out if you want social media post designer for your business.