Building your own home is exciting. It means you can have the layout exactly as you want it. There’s no wishing the pantry was a little bit bigger, or your mudroom had space to wash the dogs after a muddy walk, or that your home office faced south. Every single room is built for you and your lifestyle. If you’re planning to live in the Columbia Valley, you can have your home exactly as you want it with custom home builder AXM Contracting.

Know the Region

Building a home in a highly populated region like a city is comparatively easy to building in mountainous terrain as seen in the Kootenays. Every lot of land is different as the slopes and shadows vary drastically. That means your custom home builder home needs to know exactly how to elicit the best functionality from the design and construction. For example, your windows need to be placed so you can make the most of natural heating during the colder months while keeping that same heat out during the summers.

AXM Contracting is owned and operated by Matthew and Jeremiah Blakely who come from a family of builders with four generations of experience in the Columbia Valley. They use their extensive knowledge of local building conditions along with a robust local network to make your dream home a success.


Being a local business, they care deeply about the environment they live in, and their work reflects this ethos. Jeremiah has a B.E. Sc in Sustainable Living and uses computer-aided design to turn that ethos into practical solutions for sustainable construction. Custom build home projects undergo environmental assessments before construction so that you can rest assured that your home has as minimal an impact on the environment as possible.

When building a sustainable home, it’s important to find the right balance between the cost of building the home and the cost of operating it. With Jeremiah’s background in sustainable living, he manages to balance the two so your custom build remains within budget while using sustainable building practices.

Aesthetics Matter

Living in an area full of natural beauty, AXM Contracting believes in building beautiful homes that withstand the test of time. With their legacy of four generations of builders in the region, the Blakely brothers have close professional relationships with all the master craftsmen in the area, so your custom build home has only the best working on it. Matthew Blakely, CEO & COO of AXM Contracting, personally oversees every project as the on-site project lead. He works closely with the tradespeople to ensure that every step of the project is carried out to perfection, from the excavations to the final carpentry.

Home Renovation Contractors

If you have a home you want to bring into the modern age, AXM Contracting is the go-to home renovation contractors for the region. Renovations are easily twice as complicated as building a new home, but can be quite cost effective if the correct battles are chosen. Whether you’re thinking of gutting the place, or simply making your home more energy efficient, AXM is here as your easy button. We take pride in modernizing existing homes both aesthetically and functionally.

Whatever you decide in terms of design, a good custom home builder and home renovations contractor can provide additional advice on the best materials to use and other cost-saving ideas.Want to know more about building a custom home? Contact AXM Contracting and let’s talk!