Those times are long gone when individuals used photo albums and diaries to save all the things they loved and wanted to share with their circle. We all cut our favorite pictures from the newspapers and magazines and pasted them on the walls and in our notebooks. But since the digital age has caught us, everything like physical savings has ended.

It was a hobby of collecting posters of our favorite celebrities, pictures from our favorite TV shows, and then we all used to keep them really close to our hearts. Even sometimes, when they got lost, it was nothing less than being heartbroken. But the solution is now in our hands.

It’s called FAYVO.

It is a social platform for exploring, saving, and also share your favorite music.

Why do you need FAYVO?

Getting a subscription and then watching your favorite movies digitally is a whole new experience introduced in the past decade. More and more movie collections are accessible to us, and it is easier than ever to just start streaming a good movie. But, getting lots of options can also be frustrating sometimes. It may create a sense of confusion and division when you have your digital library spread over multiple platforms at a time. You’ll have your series stored in a different app and the preferred documentaries stored in another. Also, you’ll have to keep a variety of apps on your phone and have to remember the login details for them all.

So, switching between different apps and getting the collection saved everywhere requires effort and makes browsing your collection needlessly complicated. Thus, keeping everything in a single app where you can find them quickly and instantly is a relief to the soul.

So, let FAYVO do this for you. With the app on your phone, you don’t need different services or apps to do the work for you.

Here are a few short reasons:

  • You will be updated about the new releases and what to watch.
  • FAYVO brings helpful recommendations from the community that’ll help you keep your watch list refreshed.
  • You can recommend your favorite shows and favorite entertainment to your fellow users.
  • You can organize different genres in separate boxes for you to identify asap.
  • With the Artificial Intelligence system, you’ll have a personalized feed for you.

What can FAYVO do for you?

Movies Direct from APIs:

Once you download the FAYVO app, you’ll get to know the interesting API concept. There are several APIs to provide you a better experience. Let’s say you use the IMDB API. If you want to get more details about your saved movies, series, or TV shows, you’ll simply tap on the ‘View on IMDB’ button.

The action as it is performed will take you to the vast movie listings on IMDB. That’s where you get more information about the movie you like. It will show movie ratings, overview, synopsis, genre, cast, along with the other relevant details.

When saving a TV show into a box, you can say your heart out about it. Put your thoughts into the post caption, making it easier for your friends’ circle to know about the film. You can either add a review, talk about the storyline, or anything that pinged you during the watch. This way, you don’t have to tell your friends one by one about why you liked the movie, what turned you off from the storyline, etc.

Using the FAYVO app for your movies list will assist people in deciding whether they want to watch it or not. Your job is done. You’ll not be annoyed by more requests to recommend a movie at random times.

Separate Boxes and Watchlist – Organize the Way You Want:

It sounds easy if you just get movie options and try to make a list out of those many recommendations. But sometimes, the things that seem easy aren’t that straightforward. It gets more challenging if you have a database of more than 200 movies and someone asks you to suggest the best comedy show out of them.

It creates panic, takes time, and then you’ll be able to memorize which movie belongs to which genre. And most of the sometimes, people don’t have that much time to go through the complete movie list, or you might be busy that you can’t help them out. So that’s where the problem begins.

For this reason, FAYVO has made separate boxes for you to categorize your favorite series. You can filter them via genres, year of releases, or based on your favorite actors. Because our idea is: What’s the point of having a collection when you still have to go and search for it?

Get the FAYVO app, and divide movies’ list into action, horror, mystery, thriller, comedy, and whatnot. This way, you have complete control over your watch list, and you don’t have to dive into the pool of favorites every single time.

FAYVO boxes are a savior for movie buffs. Be it a ten-year-old rom-com or a recently released sci-fi movie, save them and show those boxes to all the people who keep asking you about the good stuff.

Find New Connections & Recommendations:

Yes, you heard it right. FAYVO is not about giving favors to others. It is for you too!

Finally, we’ve got a place where you can find genuine recommendations for yourself too. Watching the trending movies on Netflix is all fun until you run out of options. That’s when FAYVO comes into action and connects you with the people who love similar shows and series. You can save your favorite movies, share your favorite music, and find new friends on the go! 

It is a unified platform where you meet and connect with people sharing the same interests. Additionally, FAYVO has a dedicated ‘For You’ tab to bring something special for you every time you refresh your feed. Based on your profile and categories of interest, FAYVO fetches the customized posts for you.

With FAYVO, you can find new recommendations, save your favorite music, and share crazy movie stuff every day. So, download the app and see it by yourself!