We live in an “instant” world — everything is immediate, whether it is taking a photo and posting it online or ordering a new gadget, or booking a flight ticket from one end of the world to another. In such a world, communication is everything, and as customers look to get done with their objectives immediately, they also expect instant support.

Building a chat application from the ground up is a tedious and intimidating task, and more often, companies shy away from the challenge. With the plethora of third-party service providers, building a chat application may only take a matter of hours rather than days. Applozic’s chat SDK and API solutions will help you implement a robust chatroom service without complicating your business strategy.

Why Does My Brand Need a Real-Time Chatroom?

Real-time chat applications have become significant for any type of industry — eCommerce, education, healthcare, and so forth. With real-time chat apps, businesses can expand their reach to their customers, reducing the time taken to address their issues. There are a few ways in which a real-time chat app helps your business:

  • Retention: The more that customers feel that their concerns are addressed in a timely and satisfactory manner, the more that they are likely to keep using your brand
  • Conversion: The presence of a chatroom could mean all the difference for a customer who is thinking about whether to go ahead with your brand or move on to a competitor
  • Useful data: With instant communication, your brand can understand your customers’ concerns and make sure they are addressed immediately. In addition, you will also have a useful repository of data that you can use to analyze customer behaviour.

How to Build a Real-Time Chatroom Using Applozic

So, the next question you will have is where you can start with building a chatroom. Applozic’s powerful chat SDK and API solutions have taken all the work out of this and left the fun intact. You will have optimal results with an easy, efficient, and cost-effective development process that will give you control and flexibility on what you want your chatroom to look like.

With a real-time solution that will be instantly operational, you can use our chat SDK to integrate the chatroom within your application while focusing on other tasks that enhance your brand’s services.

When utilizing a third-party service provider, we recommend you start with the Applozic chat SDK for Android, iOS, and web applications. Our chat SDK is built with many basic functions like one-to-one chat, group chats, file sharing of images and videos, use of emojis and gifs, profanity filters, and so on.

What Will I Need To Build a Real-Time Chatroom?

You would need to access Applozic’s GitHub repository, where you will find the chat SDK solutions for different platforms, as well as JavaScript codes for the web plugin and React chat components.

Our solutions come with quick-start guidances that help you integrate the simple chat SDK within your application.

You will need an Android device emulator and an application API that can be used for authentication purposes within your application for the interaction of one-to-one or group chats.

Once you sign up for Applozic’s services, you will have access to the settings page, API keys, and other components necessary to integrate the chatroom into your application. You will have access to multiple chat SDK and API solutions for Android, iOS, and web applications.

In less than a day, Applozic’s chat SDK and API solutions will help you build your chatroom with minimal effort and coding, broadening your customers’ access to you and vice versa.


We often think of chatrooms as belonging in social media communities or in gaming communities, not realizing that a chatroom is one of the most efficient and effective tools that a brand can turn to for its growth strategy. Whether it is a one-on-one chat or a group chat, real-time messages often mark the difference between your product and your competitor, and a few seconds is all a customer needs to make up their mind.

Applozic live chat SDK is scalable and enterprise-ready, and its easy-to-use interface and analytics tools will give your brand the missing competitive edge. With simple guides and readymade chat SDK and API solutions, Applozic will help you build your chatroom in a matter of minutes.