Are you looking for branded handbags? Briefcases, bags, luggage, masks, luggage and accessories in Canada You can find high-quality bags made by many famous brands. Are you interested in learning more about this reputable brand through a single website. Would you like the opportunity to order such branded bags from an established website? gives information about different brands and lists them for sale on its partner websites. Let’s check Bugatti Luggage Review.


Bugatti group designs and manufactures handbags, briefcases/travel bags, masks/luggage, luggage and accessories. It sells luggage and suitcases by the following brands:

  • Bugatti
  • Swiss mobility
  • Silly
  • Mouflon
  • Bond Street
  • The rolling stone
  • Blackpink
  • Cabeau
  • K&B sports

Its goal is to make Bugatti the leading North American company for customer service excellence by offering customers branded products.

Bugatti, which was established over 80 years ago, has also been a leader for disinfection and sanitation products. is partnered with,,,, and for carrying out sales and services.

Features determining Is Bugatti Luggage Legit:

  • Know information about luggage and bags at:
  • Social media Links –unspecified at Bugattigrp.
  • starting at $24.99.
  • Address: #1963 Boulevard Lionel-Bertrand Boisbriand Canada-J7H1N8.
  • Customer reviews and blogs:only testimonials are available from bugattigrp.
  • Terms And Conditions:unspecified by bugattigrp.
  • Privacy policyunspecified in bugattigrp. However, does have a privacy policy since the website acts as a sales platform.
  • Phone or whatsapp number:1 (844)832-2555, and (514.832-1010) is the bugattigrp contact number. There is no Whatsapp phone number. Their fax number, however, is (514-832-0740.
  • Store locator: store locator is accessible at
  • Bugatti Handbag Review help and FAQ: non-specified on bugattigrp.
  • Delivery Policies:not discussed on bugattigrp.
  • Shipping policy:mentioned at The international shipping cost is $24.95
  • Cancellation Policies:not at bugattigrp.
  • Tracking not possible on bugattigrp
  • Return accepts return within 30 days.
  • Returns Policy: policy not included in bugattigrp.
  • Email address:
  • Mode Of Payment:with all major credit cards and PayPal.
  • Newsletters newsletters are supported by bugattigrp


  • contains information about all its products
  • The website has many articles that provide information about the bag’s specialties.
  • Bugattigrp gives detailed information about the brands it has in its portfolio

Conclusions determined in Bugatti Luggage Review . :

  • has no products for sale
  • Low number of visitors to the website
  • All sales and customer reviews are displayed on its partner site

Is Legit?

  • Website Construction: 11th of August 2015 at 6 :57:18.
  • Website age 7 years, 12 days.
  • Last Updated on: 13/05/2022 at 8/10:23. This shows that the business exists.
  • Website Ends: 11th September 2027 at 06:57:18
  • Bugattigrp lives expectancy:expires four years later, in eleven months and 18 days.
  • Trust Index. Bugattigrp accumulated an average of 88% trust index.
  • DA scoring:bugattigrp achieved a 27 domain authority score.
  • Source of Origin:bugattigrp is registered in the USA. Check Are Bugatti Luggage Legit.
  • Status for Blacklisting bugattigrp does not have to be blacklisted.
  • SSL StatusitsIP 51.115.150 has an SSL Certification valid for the next ninety days.
  • The threat profile:no details
  • Contact personunspecified@bugattigrp.
  • Security:bugattigrp employs a secured HTTPS protocol.
  • Social relationships: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Instagram had 10,973 users.
  • Identity and contact details of the owner:hidden through Domains By Proxy, LLC. Andrew Hattem, CEO of

Customers Reviews – was ranked 2,398,499.’s partner websites sell bags. Since cannot directly sell products to customers, the Bugatti luggage Review and ratings were not featured on social media sites like YouTube, YouTube, or customer review sites. is not able to provide product reviews. Bugatti reviews on YouTube and its website include feedback regarding partner websites. Five reviews from users rated Bugatti brand 5-stars. There were more than 30 videos that were positive.

Conclusion: earned an average trust ranking but a poor Alexa rating. has no products. It is a website that provides information on luggage and bags. Bugatti luggage review concludes that although it appears to be legitimate, it does not have any reviews. The partner website provides information on Bugatti products.