There are tons of affordable ways to upgrade your bathroom. For example, replacing outdated bathroom hardware like knobs and handles is an easy, budget-friendly way to make a big difference.

Another cost-effective update is adding storage for your bathroom. You can include stylish shelving to keep soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, caddies, and storage jars.

Repurpose Old Furniture

If you are hunting for a new vanity but want to save cash, go for something that may be repurposed. Whether it’s sturdy enough for any countertop, you may make any furniture right into a bathroom vanity. Just give a sink and faucet to accomplish the appearance.

Even when your present cabinets have been in excellent condition, you are able to alter the look by repainting or staining them. Alternatively, you can include new knobs and handles that match the aesthetic you are opting for.

A repurposed filing cabinet provides ample storage while modernizing the feel of this powder room. New sconces along with a lighted mirror further modernize the area.

Use Salvaged Wood

Consider using salvaged wood in your bathroom cabinet remodel projects for a look that adds depth and character. This type of lumber usually has nail holes and bolt holes that lend a sense of history to a space. It might come from an old barn or other home structure with a tighter grain pattern.

Designers often use reclaimed wood for accent walls and other bathroom decorative elements.

The reclaimed oak of these open shelving pieces warms up a sleek, modern bathroom. However, they’ll require regular sanding and finishing with mildew-resistant polyurethane to keep them looking good. That extra maintenance is a small price for the added warmth they bring to the space.

Upcycle Existing Items

While installing new cabinets is a great way to upgrade the look of your bathroom, it can only sometimes be feasible for homeowners on a budget. Luckily, many other affordable options, like painting the cabinet hardware, can give your space a new look.

Replacing the light fixture is another quick and simple job that may make a big difference in your bathroom. For example, swapping out a 90s-style vanity fixture with something more modern is a simple and cost-effective update to your bathroom that can elevate the entire room.

Other quick and inexpensive updates include converting mason jars into stylish storage containers for cotton swabs and installing tall storage cabinets above the toilet to maximize vertical space. Eliminating clutter on countertops and closets also helps create a spa-like vibe in your bathroom.

Opt for Compact Fixtures and Furniture

Among the best budget-friendly bathroom renovation ideas would be to replace outdated fixtures and hardware. New pulls for that cabinets and drawers, faucets, showerheads, and towel bars can provide the area a brand new look without costing a lot of money.

Consider a slim cabinet for the toilet that doubles as a storage unit, with a three-tier system to keep essentials like greenery, toilet paper, and small bath products in order. Alternatively, give a wall-mounted wire rack with lightweight towels and folded washcloths for simple grabbing..

A simple switch to a different fitting can drastically change the appear and feel of the bathroom. Select a fixture having a more contemporary design and employ compact fluorescent bulbs to reduce your energy bills.

Add Light Fixtures

One of the simplest methods to refresh the appearance of your bathroom is to add new lighting fixtures. Look for recessed light options that mimic daylight to brighten grooming areas and create an inviting mood for relaxing baths.

A few simple upgrades make this small bath feel bigger and brighter. A simple sconce with a white shade combines functionality and style to brighten the vanity. A mirrored medicine cabinet adds storage and another source of light. Chrome accessories complete the modern, refreshed look.

Although a longtime guideline has been to match all metal finishes in a room, some homeowners and designers are mixing metals for a dynamic, collected look. Use sconce shades with opaque or transparent glass for the best light output, and choose options that can support your preferred bulb wattage.