What is buccal fat reduction?

As face and facial features are the most prominent impressions of your personality. If your face is round, it gives an impression of chubbiness and if your face is elongated, it gives an impression of smarter look. So buccal fat reduction is the surgical procedure that aims to reduce the broadness and wideness of the face. In this procedure, buccal fat pads are removed and these buccal fat pads are gathered in the middle area of the cheekbone right between the facial muscles that gives a rounder look to the face.

As the size and width of the face is different among people, and most people are not satisfied with their broader facial look, so by reducing or removing the buccal fat pads, it gives the cheeks thinner and well-defined look. It changes the facial angles by giving them a contoured look.

Itself buccal fat reduction is a complete surgical procedure with its proper parameters but you can also get it this surgery while having other surgical procedures like facelift, rhinoplasty and other facial surgeries.

The buccal fat reduction treatment in Dubai

If you are looking for buccal fat reduction in Dubai, it is essential to choose a certified, experienced and registered surgeon. The best clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Dubai also offers this facility. The success ratio of these surgical procedure increases when you select the best clinic and surgeon for you.

Cost of buccal of reduction in Dubai

Its cost varies from clinic to clinic. The method which is used by the surgeon also determines its cost. However, if you are looking for a successful treatment by an experienced surgeon, usually, the cost of buccal fat reduction in Dubai lies within 10,000 AED to 11,000 AED based on the procedure you are selecting and your condition.

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Prior to conduct the surgery, local anesthesia will be given to the candidate to numb the cheeks. Then surgeon will make an assessment of the face and will do necessary marking.

After done with it, he will make an incision inside the cheek and the extra fat will be removed. After removing the unwanted fat, the surgeon will close the incisions with fine and dissolvable stiches.


It is a widely used cosmetic surgery that offers a huge list of benefits. Its advantages starts from physical appearance to the psychological satisfaction. Here are some of the benefits that you will get after having this surgery.

  • Younger and smarter look
  • Thin appearance
  • Helps in better facial impressions
  • Well-proportioned and defined facial look
  • Contoured face
  • Boosts self-confidence

Risks and complications

Like every other surgical procedure, several risks and complications may come into the existence after this surgery. However, choosing a certified and experienced surgeon and following the instructions of the doctor can minimize the chance of side effects. Some possible risks includes,

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Bruises inside the face
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Need revision of the surgery due to asymmetry
  • Scarring
  • Nerve damage of face or salivary glands

Recovery after buccal fat reduction

You can speed up your recovery process by following all the instructions given by the doctor. Take medicine on time to avoid pain, and if you feel any unusual symptoms visit your doctor instantly.

In the initial days, you may feel fluctuations in facial sensation but it will get better with each passing day.

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Beside the symptoms of complications, you have to visit doctor on every post-meeting. Follow the instructions and recommendations of the surgeon to make your recovery period faster.

Moreover, you have to select a qualified and experienced surgeon to reduce the risks of failure and other complications. In your appointment meeting, tell him your medical history and tell him about your goals. Moreover, try to set realistic goals.