Between the Buried and Me AKA BTBAM is set to release the follow-up album to 2007’s “Colors,” under the title Colors II. The album is scheduled for release on August 20, 2021. However, the song is available for streaming in the United States.

“Fix The Error”, the debut single from the album, is streaming on Sirius XM Liquid Metal. This song will remain available until August 2021 when it will be fully released.

It means that the debut single Btbam fix The Error is now available on the streaming platform.

The Band BTBAM

BTBAM (Between the Buried and Me) is the progressive metal group from the United States. They were formed in 2000. The band includes vocalists and keyboard specialists, guitarists, bass, drummer, and bass. The band has many albums, with their debut album released in 2002.

The band is making headlines again with the trailer for Colors II, their sequel to Colors (released in 2007). Sources say that the album will be released August 2021. However the band has just released a streaming single, Btbam fix The Error. This single is expected to reach streaming platforms starting on 25 June 2021.

The band members

Some of the most well-known people in the music business make up the Between the Buried and Me Band. The following is the member list:

  • Guitarist – Paul Waggoner
  • Tommy Rogers: Vocals, Keyboards
  • Bass – Dan Briggs
  • DustieWaring, Guitarist
  • Blake Richardson Drums

The band genres include avant-garde and metalcore as well as progressive metal and technical death.

The Debut Single – Btbam Fix It

BTBAM’s album is the sequel of their 2007 masterpiece, Colors. It will be their 10th album in full with the title Colors II. The record is due to be released on August 20, 2021 in Sumerian.

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Colors II has a connection to the previous musical album beyond the shared title. This is in terms of spiritual feeling and lyrical.

Fans do not have to wait for the debut single any longer as the song is now available for streaming via the Sirius XM liquid rock channel. There are good odds that,Btbam Corrects the ErrorAs per online sources, single debuts will be made on other platforms by the 25th of June.

What are the Fans Saying About the Single Debut?

After careful evaluation, we discovered that Fix the Error received tremendous responses from the fanbase. The video received thousands of views within 24 hours.

It was a surprise for fans to stream the debut single on the liquid metal channel prior to its premiere and they enjoyed the performance and the music. They are pleased with the addition of the vocals, and expect that the Color sequel to be a huge success when it is released on the streaming service.

Wrapping it All

Btbam fix The Error single appearance is now available for streaming on the liquid-metal channel.

between the Buried, Me (or BTBAM) is an American band known for many hits and records. Their legacy continues with the release of Colors II, a sequel to their legendary album. It is scheduled for release on 20 August.

Are you a fan of the single? Is there anything you would like to say about the album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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