Reviews: These days, a refrigerator magnet, which is also known as the fridge magnet is the kind of decoration used for decoration purposes since it looks attractive and different. On the market, huge varieties can be found with various styles, themes, and color choices.

Here we are linking you with to make your order for fridge magnets in the United States. A huge collection of fridge magnets in exquisite designs are readily available. Here it is possible to pay the amount of the item online.

To learn all the details And judge its fact that, Can Be Legit or not? We’ll provide you with the maximum required data in the under sections or segments.

What is is an online ecommerce website for decoration lovers. It’s established on 25/03/2021 in the United States.

Have you been curious to know What Kinds of decoration material they are Serving? Here’s the access to the fridge magnet in an attractive look. It is offering its products in different colors. It’s providing all connecting information for any communication.

As we explore the world wide web, we found its just new in online world and is just five days old. If you’re thinking about buying the product from, please proceed through the site and check each of the significant things and Reviews section.

Specifications of this Website


· Contact number: -LRB-631-RRB- 294-9876.

· Company’s address: 1322 8TH AVE S, FORT DODGE, IOWA 50501, US.

· Email support: [email protected].


· Products Offered: Refrigerator magnet for decoration purpose.

· Launched date: 25/03/2021.




· Yield: 14 days after receiving.

· Refund: below 3 to 5 business days.

· Reviews: not available.

· Social networking look : no webpages are busy.

· The site provides hassle-free communication sources such as the organization’s address, contact number, and email address.

· It is serving a decorative substance like a fridge magnet.

· Protocols completely secure it.

Benefits of Buying Products from

· It’s a minimum trust indicator of just 1%.

· It has just launched online podium on 25/03/2021.

· There is no accessibility on social networking sites means no visitors, no popularity.

· It’s a zero Alexa rating.

· The cost of the fridge magnet is very high.

· It’s holding the single product in a limited quantity.

· It has shared a fake physical address that is misguiding us.

Is Legit or Scam?

Let’s have a look at the after points of to understand its validity:

· is an online selling portal that holding a vast selection of fridge magnets at high prices. You are able to go through the URL link to purchase it by making your payment by PayPal.

· It has a 1 percent trust rating online.

· It’s established on 25/03/2021, five days back.

· It’s also a shared contact number and email service.

· It has no social media page for any marketing.

· It does not have any Reviews available on any trustworthy site.

Legitimacy: It’s too early to complete its reality because of Just five days old, but according to the aforementioned pointers it appears highly suspicious.

Which are the Brushinn Reviews?

As we know, customer answers are a Vital facet of Purchasing any items on the internet. In the online era, we must assess all of the detail greatly before placing any order.

We explored the internet, But as we mentioned previously, we could not find single Reviews on the reviewing websites.

Thus, we would like to say that please do deep research prior to sharing your card details.

Final Verdict

Do you want to make your kitchen appealing by decorating the Fridge front using magnets? is the selling site using the refrigerator magnet in large range with a different style.

We can wind up this post by considering its domain age, trust Index, fewer things, no societal connectivity, and no user feedback. It’s too fresh in the online world, so we are not comfortable saying about its legitimacy, but it appears to be doubtful.

Do you find Reviews beneficial? Have you placed an order for a refrigerator magnet with Please discuss Your expertise with us in the box mentioned below.