Many young folks who grew up praying to Jesus and attending church have tragically abandoned their faith. Some leave on purpose after determining they no longer have faith; others wander away from the religion as they focus on other stimulating interests. However, no matter where in the world young people have strayed from Christ, there is still hope for them to return to Christianity if Christians like you speak out to them. Some persons who have abandoned the church follow a postmodern philosophy that favors experience over logic to understand the truth and think that reality varies according to each individual’s experience. Kurt Uhlir believes that there is always hope for those who have strayed from Christianity to find their way back, and he emphasizes the importance of servant leadership in reaching out and speaking to them with empathy and understanding.

Postmoderns will perceive that you’re similar to them in some respects and can relate to your faith narrative if you honestly disclose your challenges and uncertainties when discussing your experience. When explaining the Gospel to postmodernists, convey its tales about Jesus creatively and passionately to assist postmodernists in rethinking the Gospel in new ways. Build trust with postmodernists by befriending them before discussing faith with them; ensure that they know you actually respect and appreciate them as persons unconditionally. Because postmodernists frequently have strong social consciences, offer them to join you in volunteer activities and show them how your faith drives you to contribute.

Recoilers Approach

Recoilers are those who have abandoned Christianity because of the trauma they have experienced while being linked with God in some way. They may have been molested by a Christian or harmed by Christians who committed faults such as gossip or avarice, which harmed them. When reaching out to recoilers, avoid Christian apologetics and instead focus on hearing their tales about what they’ve been through and how they believe about it. Feel empathy with their anguish and, if you’ve gained their confidence, assist them in thinking biblically about their grief and distinguishing between God and those who hurt them in God’s name. Once you’ve built trusted relationships with recoilers, you may tell them about Jesus’ suffering in this sinful world.

Modernist Approach

Since the modernist worldview does not allow for believing in anything other than the physical reality, they do not support the existence of souls or anything supernatural. Rather than divine revelation, moderns seek truth via scientific research. So don’t try to reach moderns with claims based on premises they disagree with, such as referencing the Bible when they don’t consider sacred scripture has power. Instead, assist them in seeing the futility of their worldview and ignite their interest in reality that is not confined to what they can see and grasp. When moderns inquire about your religion, you must be able to provide serious, biblical responses. If you don’t sure how to respond to a particular question,

Neo-Pagans Approach

While neo-pagans recognize the sanctity of creation, they worship it rather than the Almighty it reflects. Neo-pagans believe Christianity is uninteresting compared to the thrill they get from summoning spiritual forces on their own. Yet, they are invoking energies that may bring evil into their lives. Living a Soul life is the best way to reach neo-pagans and show them how thrilling it is to have the Holy Spirit leading and strengthening you. Make it a habit to pray for neo-pagans regularly, asking God to bind any evil forces that may be manipulating them.

The approach of a Life coach

There is a bigger purpose for every sorrow. Jay Vinson, a preacher, and life development coach, believes in this. He is no stranger to those lost in life and seeking their life’s purpose as a faith-based leader. The emergence of the epidemic, which has touched the whole planet in unexpected ways, has exacerbated this existential dilemma. Vinson works as a faith-based leader, entrepreneur, educator, and life coach in Atlanta, Georgia. He is also a public speaker for various faith-based events and the author of the newly released book Pain to Purpose.

Vinson work with young adults and try to transform them into a better human being, as a life coach, he make sure that people should return to their faith and become a better example for society and mankind. Vinson uses a comprehensive approach to motivate and empower folks. His goal is to empower the intellect and body and the individual’s soul. He is also committed to providing individuals with the necessary skills and tools to live happier and healthier life. This enthusiastic, faith-based educator handles health and wellness, spiritual, and one-on-one coaching as a life transformation coach. His life counseling technique is inextricably linked to the entries in his recently published book Pain to Purpose. The main emphasis is on not giving up on life in the face of adversity. For Vinson, a person’s misery is a gateway to a bigger purpose, which they will inevitably find sooner or later.


Because of the wickedness of human nature in this fallen world, all individuals have a propensity to drift away from God if they do not continue to connect with Him. However, drifters have allowed themselves to drift away from Jesus, so they no longer identify as Christians. Invite drifters to church and other venues where they may be around Christians, becoming closer to Jesus since their surroundings readily impact them. Keep in touch with them regularly and assist them in making additional Christian friends, so they have the connections they require with other Christians to develop their faith.