It is estimated that there were around 100 casinos and more than 1300 lottery outlets in Brazil during the year 2016. These numbers made it clear to foreign establishments that they should at least attempt to get a piece of this market, but currently, only 13 casinos and 9 lotteries are registered for payment systems. But by 2022 these numbers will definitely increase greatly, as it is expected that one new online casino will be opened every month until July 2021; and next year new lotteries with entirely different features (for both players and organizations) will also come into existence. So if you’re preparing to start gambling online in Brazil: what should you pay attention to?

We’ll start with the peculiarities of Brazilian law:

– Casinos must have at least 10 gaming tables, but they are allowed to have up to 34 of them.

– Casinos can only accept debit cards issued by Brazilian banks; all other payment systems are forbidden.

– Online casinos are required to launch their operations in at least 2 of the country’s 26 states for 7 months before receiving permission to operate nationwide.    

– One casino is allowed to generate no more than 70% of its revenue from slot machines and 15% from card games, with roulette and dice being the only permitted games where players can bet on a single round (and not per each hand/spin respectively).

– Affiliation with an overseas organization is strictly forbidden: if you manage to set up a Brazilian company and register for one of the available payment systems, you will have to become your own operator.

Now that you are familiar with general legal aspects, it is time to choose a suitable gaming venue for yourself. For this particular task, we suggest reading our reviews on casinos and lotteries, where everything possible has been already said. But still, in case, you might want to look through this list of 5 necessary qualities in Brazilian casino websites before making up your mind. If you’re confused which platform is best for you, don’t worry you are at the right place. Here is a website such as voj8 brasil that is a 100% genuine and reliable website where you can earn real money while playing casino games.:

– Conveniently located interface with all menu items easily reachable;

– Detailed information on each game’s rules;  – Clear information about bonus conditions (which are very interesting here);  – Correct money withdrawal policy supported by detailed FAQ section;  – Unique design and interesting promotional offers.

Next, you should definitely make sure that your chosen casino is reputable enough to be worth investing your time and money in. To investigate this particular aspect better we suggest checking out our reviews on both casinos and lotteries, where you will find descriptions of the most important factors which have an influence upon each gambling establishment’s future.

And last but not least, before making any deposits it might be a good idea to check out some information about payment systems available for use at Brazilian online gambling venues, as well as ideas about effective ways to comply with wagering requirements. These are very likely the most dubious rules in Brazil right now, so they must definitely be taken into consideration when planning your budgeting strategy!

Good luck, and may all your wins be as epic as the ones we described for you in this article.