It is important to find the right fit in lingerie. But, finding the right size bra is only one thing. Peaches and Cream understands that every woman is unique, with her own style, lifestyle, and tastes. We also know how important it is to consider your body when selecting the right bras online Sri Lanka.

For An Apple Figure

The ladies with an apple shaped figure have the main goal is to shrink the bust and visually increase the width of the hips so that your waistline appears more defined.

These Are The Main Traits For Your Apple Shaped Figure. 

  • We have a less defined waist
  • Narrower hips
  • Larger Bust
  • Broader Shoulders

The Right Type Bra For The Apple Shape Woman

If you have a large bust, consider a full cup bra or a good lifting minimiser bra.

To avoid appearing overly sexy and heavy, Apple shapes should steer clear of padded bras, strapless bras and push up bras.

The Right Type Of Shapewear To Apple Shapewoman

Apple-shaped women have slimmer hips and larger stomachs than normal. They can look stunning in curve-friendly shorts that flatter their rounded stomachs. French knickers are a great choice for apple-shaped women, with their elegant design and detail.

Many women purchase shapewear today to highlight their assets and draw attention away from undesirable areas. When it comes to apple-shaped ladies, control pants, waist cinchers, and wonder knickers can all be considered tools of the trade and are ideal for creating a flatter stomach.

For A Pear Shape

Pear-shaped women should wear underwear that visually increases breast size, and reduces hips and bottom.

Primary Traits Of A Pear Shape Figure

  • Wider hips, thighs and stomach
  • Shoulders that are narrower
  • Weaker bottom
  • Smaller bust

The Right Type Bra For The Pear Shape Woman

To enhance your bust, choose padded bras, push up bras or balconette bras.

A larger bust area will give you the appearance of having smaller hips and a more defined waist. It will also balance your larger middle and draw attention upwards.

If you have larger breasts, make sure your bra is lifted and supports them. You can’t do anything worse than buying a cheap, loose fitting bra that doesn’t support your breasts, especially if you are larger.

The bra’s design, detail and pattern will draw attention to your body and give it a balanced look.

The Right Ttype Of Shapewear To Fit The Pear Shaped Boman

You can reduce your hips and bottom with shapewear. Side panels provide extra support for your bottom and thighs.

Your legs will look slimmer with the help of a bikini, high-cut brief, or thongs. A brief with a higher cut at the sides and a lower rise will make large women’s hips and thighs look slimmer. These shorts make your legs appear longer and slimmer, and they also balance your hips and thighs with your shoulders.

Hour Glass Figure

The perfect body shape is the hourglass. Be confident in your curves and wear the right-sized underwear.

Main Traits Of A HourglassFigure

  • The bust and hips are almost the same size
  • A well-defined waist
  • Full Bust
  • Formly Legs

The Right Type Bra For The Hour-Glass Body

Hourglass women might feel the need to cover their large chests. Some try to find bras that have a smaller cup to lessen the emphasis on their busts.

If you have a bigger bust, the half cup bra or full cup bra is the best choice. A plunge bra is best for hourglass women. If your bust is larger, don’t wear a plunger bra underneath a polo neck or high neck.

You may find that the hourglass does not support the bras with the strapless and triangle bras. The push-up bras as well as padded bras should be avoided.

The Right Type Of Shapewear To Fit The Hour Figure

Hourglass women have perfect symmetry, and should display all their curves and assets. We recommend a mid-thigh length that is smooth.