Boundary Ebulb Reviews: What happens when electricity goes missing? Are you annoyed by a power cut and finding an economical solution? The Boundary Ebulb is an advanced emergency LED bulb that works without electricity.

It is a light bulb with an integrated battery. The battery powers the bulb as soon as the electricity goes out or power is lost. It is a 9-watt LED bulb that can illuminate a room with 800 lumens. The power consumption is also low and the bulb life is longer.

People in the United States want to order it but want to know if Boundary Ebulb Legit or Scam before ordering.

What is Boundary Ebulb?

The Boundary Ebulb is a standard bulb but with an emergency lighting function. Unlike a traditional light bulb that switches off during a power cut, the Boundary Ebulb illuminates the room even when there is no electricity. This is due to the built-in battery that is built into the bulb.

It is a 9 watt emergency light bulb that produces up to 800 lumens, which is equivalent to a 60 watt electric bulb. The bulb has a power consumption of only 60 Hz or 120 VACS, and has a lifetime of 25,000 hours, making it the best choice for emergencies and power failures.

In terms of use, it easily fits into a standard bulb socket and can be used as a flashlight in an emergency. US residents use a light bulb during a power cut. For more information, please see the Boundary Ebulb reviews below.


• Color temperature – 3500 Kelvin

• Voltage – 120 volts

• Weight – 4.64 oz

• Type – emergency LED bulb or torch

• Lifetime – 25,000 hours

• Power – 9-watt bulb

• Dimension – 11.65 x 8.39 x 3.31 inches

• Battery – one lithium-ion battery

• Equivalent to incandescent lamp – 60 watt LED bulb

• Date of first availability – October 29, 2018

Pros of Boundary Ebulb

• Longer bulb life

• Safe and convenient to use

• Fits into a standard bulb socket

• Emergency light like a flashlight during a power cut

• 4.5-star rating with multiple reviews from Boundary Ebulb

• Six hours of charge for 24 hours of light

• Light and lower power consumption

• The luminous flux is 800 lumens, which is equivalent to a 60 watt light bulb

Disadvantages of Boundary Ebulb

• You have problems with the seller’s delivery process

• Some customers are experiencing performance issues

• The bulb discharges quickly as per inspection

• It cannot be used in fixtures with multiple bulbs

• Batteries not included

• Mixed reviews are available from customers

Is Boundary Ebulb Legal or a Scam?

Boundary Ebulb seems justified for a number of good reasons. The bulb has been available since 2018 and has many satisfied customers. Besides, the product is available on various e-commerce websites. In addition, it collected several reviews from users. All these factors are enough to confirm the legality of the product.

The product received an average rating on ecommerce and review sites. Due to such mixed ratings and reviews, consumers are encouraged to thoroughly evaluate the product by reading various unbiased customer reviews. This would help consumers make the right choice and find out about the legality of the product.

Boundary Ebulb Reviews from consumers

After analyzing the product on the Internet, we found that it satisfied many consumers and received a 4.5-star star on e-commerce. However, the review portal lacks it and only received a 3.3 star rating out of 5. So it has mixed reviews from users and consumers.

Some consumers have given positive feedback on its performance during power outages. However, some consumers say the description is misleading. Some consumers have mentioned that it doesn’t work with the lamp socket and the battery runs out faster than the declared hours.

Due to such mixed customer reviews, it is imperative to check the unbiased reviews of Ebulb Boundary online to find out if it fits your purpose. It would be best to make a purchase decision based on your own research and analysis.


Power outages in summer are common, and many homes experience power outages when there is a high demand for electricity. So in this situation you have Boundary Ebulb as it claims your home is lit when there is a power failure or outage.

Boundary Ebulb has received many reviews, both positive and negative. This leads to confusion for consumers, so an online search for information becomes essential before buying to avoid being cheated, even though the product is legal.

Note that when searching on the Internet, be sure to use the term Boundery Ebulb instead of Boundary Ebulb as the actual search term and product name is Boundery Ebulb.

Do you use Boundary Ebulb in your home? Kindly share your bulb experiences in the comments section of these Boundary Ebulb reviews.