This article is about Webroot Scam. We will discuss the reasons why webroot scammers are so annoying.

Are you using security software or antivirus software such as Webroot? Webroot antivirus protects your computer from viruses, external sources and corrupt files. What causes people to become irritated when they install webroot antivirus?

Many people have complained about this anti-virus software being a scam. They are posting their comments and feedback online via the comment box and on some community pages. Webroot Scam: We need to look at the reviews.

About webroot

The webroot antivirus software is used to protect computers and phones from bugs or corrupt files. The webroot application is experiencing many problems recently.

Some users feel that Webroot’s subscription packages are a scam and they charge additional money to upgrade their monthly packs. You cannot delete the program if you want to. Webroot will never be completely removed, and people complain that it is a fraud.


Victims have posted the invoice message to the Webroot comment section, describing their problems. They claim the application has provided a wrong number for help. To get a refund, they require credit card information. You won’t be able to access premium content after signing up for a subscription. Instead, you will receive a notification that there is a problem with your transaction. Within four days, you can request a refund.

This scam has been perpetrated on many people. According to the company, this was due to a server problem. We will contact you as soon possible but have not received a response.

Webroot Mobile Security

The webroot security software can be downloaded from either the Apple Store or Play Store. The application’s rating on the Play Store is just two stars. Multiple ratings with one rating indicate that this app is not worth downloading.

The trust score for webroot is only 76 percent. It’s useless. This is because they don’t have any satisfied customers to give them feedback about Webroot scam . It appears that Webroot isn’t worth installing. You can still look into McAfee or Quick Heal for mobile and computer security.


Many people have complained about the webroot antivirus software. Many people have problems with the software after it was installed and can’t uninstall it. Webroot may also try to scam you by asking for personal and banking details, such as your debit card number.

What antivirus software do your mobile and computer use? Leave your comments below. To see customer feedback about Webroot scam, open click this link to learn more about Webroot