Do you want to fill your wardrobe with an extraordinary collection of clothes? Then look at the content in which we will discuss the Botroe store. Because shopping is one of the favorite tasks of Canada and the United States. They usually seek unique costumes that can cultivate their appearance.

In the e-commerce world we are surrounded by many fraud sites. Knowledge of the Store’s ID is one of the critical factors and you can evaluate it if we are aware of the Botroe review review. Let’s discuss and we will answer all your questions.

What is Botroe?

Botroe is a purchasing page that has a collection of dresses throughout the season. Cool outfits are available for spring and summer, while warm and cozy sweatshirts and tops are available for winter. The portal has stylish tops and two-part sets that can be worn while driving at parties.

Currently, the portal provides hot sale of floral tops and mini dress. Knowing Botroe reviews, we would easily know if people grab costumes from ongoing sales or not. Until then, you should look at the services provided by Botroe.

Botroe specifications.

• Site type – all fashionable seasonal dresses are available.

• Shipping cost – no shipping costs at orders over 79 USD

• E-mail address – [email protected]

• Shipping time – 15-35 days

• Cancellation policy – full money is returned if orders are canceled within 24 hours.

• Retail policy – 30 days are given to buyers

• Exchange and refund – after returning the subject, exchange and refund takes place within 7 days.

Botroe Pros.

• The site has a website on the social media platform.

• The outfits are available in hot sale.

Botroe minuses.

• Only a few Botroe reviews are online.

• The site is registered again and expires within one year.

• Scam detector gave a low assessment.

• The site has not provided the address and telephone number to contact.

• Incorrect information on the page about us.

Is it legal botroe?

There are various factors based on which we evaluate the confidence in the site.

• Presence of social media – the main website of the site has social media icons and guide us to the Botroe Instagram website and Facebook from Botroe. Many people did not follow their social media accounts, and only a few Botroe reviews are shared online.

• Domain age: Botroe Shopping was registered on January 12, 2021, while the website about us exists, the domain has been presented since 2015 is available only for a year. That’s why the portal is young and short-term.

• Rating – Scam detector gives you a 2.9 mark site. A low trust score emphasizes a negative portal sign.

• Information available on the portal – Botroe will not be in sharing relevant contact information with clients. There is no other option by contacting the company, except for sending inquiries, while the page about us shows the wrong details of your registration.

Considering all these botroe factors will probably be suspicious. But this is not our final statement, because the new side to be evaluated.

What are Botroe reviews?

The site is not popular among people, so only a few buyers shared their views about the portal. No comments are not available on the social media platform and only a few viewers, such as costumes.

But several positive comments were found during the research. People think that it is easy to put an order on the portal and are satisfied with clothing material because the color will not disappear. In addition, items are always in your budget. The company has not been offered any damage or low-quality costumes.

But these are the opinions of few people and are not enough to evaluate the ID card. Let the portal get more comments.


Get details of Botroe, we came to the conclusion that the website needs some time to make all other enthusiasts produce well known to the collection. The site has many red flags and will probably be doubtful, so we do not recommend the Botroe store for readers to purchase your costumes.

Website described well for customers and answers the joint question of buyers.

What is your favorite portal you use to buy spring and autumn costumes? Please, please share the views.