Has it ever happened to you that you land on a website, looking for a specific product but turn away without even looking for it? Maybe you feel that the website is “not welcoming enough” or is “outdated”? There must be hundred times when you felt tired looking at the website and its inventory.

E-commerce sales are not just a product of the business’ quality (even though that is the most important factor). Because online shopping is visual medium of choosing stuff, it requires appropriate styling and presentation.For a returning customer who already knows all about your product, the website won’t much matter. But for the first time visitors and targeted new shoppers, your website design needs to be on fleek.

You can hire a professional e-commerce website design company to build your e-commerce website as per your requirements.

Graphic designing is an influential tool in your box of instruments.  Here’s how to use it to gain advantage in your online venture.

  1. Placement is Key

Placing elements haphazardly is never a good idea. Our eyes are accustomed to scanning a page from left to right (unless there’s a really big central object in place), because of the nature of all the written languages that we learn over time.

Graphic designers use this trick smartly to place the important Call to Action buttons, featured products and navigation buttons and menus on the left hand side of the webpage.

  • Reduce Loading Time

Your website, no matter how sleek it looks, will always see bad traffic of the elements on your webpage take too much time to load. In a 5G prevalent connection, nobody appreciates a slowly loading set of pictures or descriptions.

Fortunately, there are many plug-ins available on both Magento 2 Development and Shopify to speed the loading up.

  • Graphics should be Mobile-responsive

Even though you are pleased with your personal computer based website design, invest in a Mobile-responsive design that gives zero hiccups while transforming the same elements in a Mobile-responsive format.

  • Smoothen Your Landing Page

The condition of the landing page of your website speaks volumes about the degree of careful thought you put into the graphic design of your website. Keep your landing page clutter free and direct the central theme of your webpage towards the prominently placed call to action buttons. Adding videos has also proved to be a successful strategy in this regard.

  • Induce Interactive Visual Content

A principle of graphic designing states that a viewer will only interested in your design if its providing either of the two- knowledge or entertainment. Sprinkle in interactive games, videos, emojis and other elements to entertain the visitor WHILE educating them about your product.

  • Use Colours to Your Advantage

It is psychologically proven that different colours arouse different areas of the brain and can lead to pleasing and soothing feelings. A good example is how the colour red is psychologically linked to feelings of hunger and passion. Utilizing its full potential in your eatery or gifting section will be a well-placed and wise choice.

  • Treat White Space As A Separate Element

White spaces were previously considered to be wasteful but current graphic designers are treating it as a distinguishable element on your webpage. It can reduce the clutter, help in directing the viewer’s gaze to the central object or act as a margin for your prime product.

Graphic design is the element that secretly attracts your customers psychologically and makes them stay. Proper attention to this element can make your website soar like never before.