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You may have received a notice in the mail advising you to pay red-light fines. These are usually issued by traffic police when drivers jump red lights on roads Worldwide. Did you know that snail mail contained the address for a website where fines can be paid? Are you unsure if the notice is genuine or fake?

Let’s look at the key points and analyze the snail mail suggesting scam.

Abut diddle:

Residents in Arizona, City of Doral, Etc began receiving final notices to pay red-light tickets via their mailbox. This scam first appeared in March 2022. Although similar scams were also seen in 2018 and 2021 these scams are still prevalent today. The current scam is linked to

The letter sent by the scammers was in the same format as the genuine red-light ticket issued by traffic police. It included two images of the vehicle and its plate, as well a table with the date of violation, the amount due and a link to the website to pay the fine.

How do you spot Violationinfo New York Scam ?

One victim who received the mail stated that the ticket contained a date of violation of 30 February 2022. The 30th day does not appear in the month of February!

Traffic cameras will take authentic images of cars from the road. They will also include pictures taken at a significant distance and hight because the cameras are attached to poles. The scam mail contains images of the vehicle and the license plate, taken close to the camera and at approximately the same height (approximately 2-3 feet).

The victim stated that the images were a scam because the car’s pictures and license plates looked like they had been taken while the vehicle was parked at their home!

The victim also rented the vehicle after the violation. The registration address and the owner of the vehicle are different. However, the red-light tickets did not include the name of the vehicle owner. Instead, it contained the address of the victim. This can easily be derived from the address and name plate at the victim’s residence.

The police also advised the public about scamsnail mails. According to the police, traffic police will send reminders to the victim before they issue a final notice. The final notice sent to victims would not be valid if they did not receive it.

Finally, the legitimate website to pay the traffic challenges is, which is different from the link in the snail mail!


The letter included the sender’s address as ‘city of Lauderdale, intersection safety program, PO Box 7098, Tempe, AZ-85285 2091.’ However, it had a fake website address – to pay the fine. Hence, and snail mails including its links are Scam. Furthermore, was registered on 12th-March-2022 for one year, gained a 1% trust score, and uses a free email service.

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