Around the globe, coronavirus is Spreading because of people’s negligence. Over 738 individuals have been reported corona positive as per the latest update given by Dr Bonnie Henry. She’s announced special directions for the people who do not adhere to the guidelines.

In our today’s article, We’ll share The particulars of Bonnie Henry No Mask and will inform about what stringent actions to be levied on careless persons found without masks. Canada and other significant countries are getting to be the victims of this virus despite vaccination. Let’s capture the details shared by Dr Bonnie.

Which were the expressions of Bonnie Henry?

Viewing the increasing COVID cases, The provisional health club , Bonnie Henry, has strictly announced a heavy fine on the people found without sprays in indoors.

As per the Emergency program Act, it is Now mandatory to wear masks in indoor places as well. Any individual if found —

· Without mask in indoor areas.

· Refuse to follow the directions in stores or any indoor places.

· Try to become competitive with the owner or enforcement officer.

Then based on Bonnie Henry No Mask rule, he/she will be fined $230. Moreover, children of less than 12 do not have to put on the mask in indoor places.

Bonnie Henry has decided to take rigorous Action against anti-mask folks to protect the disabled who aren’t prepared to confront this outbreak. Moreover, the safety of the people working in the retail shop is also crucial because the negligence of wearing a mask generally occurs in these indoor places.

To justify her action, Bonnie Henry No Mask rule, she told the people that pandemic is a most challenging time for all of us and one should not feel that wearing a mask produces a barrier in their liberty and can make them sick. On the contrary, it is a gesture of respect for all of the men and women that are suffering from COVID -19.

By viewing Henry’s point of view, we Strongly believe that every individual has to be compassionate and put on masks in indoor areas.

Where indoor locations Bonnie Henry No Mask is compulsory?

Wearing a mask is essential for all Individuals at the below mentioned indoor places —

· Coffee stores.

· Shopping malls

· Liquor Store

· Grocery Stores

· In gym’s common areas

· Airports

· Restaurants


Wearing a mask is a principle and a sign of respect. We have shared all the common indoor places in which you often make your visits. Do not forget to put on a mask; differently, you’ll be fined. This rigorous action is taken to considerations to help the handicapped. Moreover, it’s protecting you in the ongoing pandemic worsen conditions.

We advised one to follow Bonnie Henry No Mask principle and save people’s lives.

What are your views about the action Taken by Bonnie Henry? Please discuss some words in the comment section. We will Glad to understand.