Perhaps you have heard about the Bonnie Henry Helicopter episode? Are you following all of the rules and precautions regarding pandemic?

Bonnie Henry being the Most notable and famous doctor of Canada, has been discovered travelling without the mask in her personal helicopter lately. Was she disobeying the rules and regulations imposed by the government?

In today’s article, We’d find the facts, whether it’s a Misunderstanding or it is a fact that needs to be taken care to ensure no additional attempts by anybody.

Who’s Bonnie Henry?

She’s a Canadian Physician and the first woman granted the provincial health officer article to function British Columbia. Recently she’s been stuck into a controversy Bonnie Henry Helicopter.

She holds a diploma in doctor and a specialty in She has done outstanding work as a public health officer throughout the COVID-19 scenario in British Columbia, for which she had been praised by the New York Times.

Has she managed to cope up with the Pandemic in British Columbia?

She’s one of the very talented and smart physicians, and Most of all, she’s in the post of provincial health officer. She’s done justice to her standing by serving the public with the best possible ways in fighting with the Covid-19.

She’d levied all of the necessary forms needed to.

A Few Words about Bonnie Henry Helicopter

She recently boards a flight to Victoria on her personal Helicopter, where she had been seen not wearing a mask within the airplane.

On Easter occasion, she chose to visit her family amid the Pandemic when she had canceled all of the sailings to prevent the rush for their own families.

But it has been noticed that it was only a coincidence when she had been captured. She was having her coffee, because of which she had removed her mask.

What will be the resident’s perspectives about the episode?

People were annoyed after She had been found barefaced within the helicopter.

According to the people, rules Ought to Be the same all around the Country, whether it’s an ordinary resident or an official.

But on the other hand, few were defending her, saying she was making coffee for which she’d removed her mask because she’d masked up while dressing.

Final Verdict

Being the wellbeing officer, it becomes Essential for her to comply by the nation’s rules. Bonnie Henry was stuck into these controversy when she had been caught without a mask up inside her personal helicopter going towards Victoria for celebrating Easter.

People were Looking for Bonnie Henry Helicopter following this incident. According to her, she had the drinks due to which she must remove her mask.

We would say that this is not over a misunderstanding that has flooded the Internet.

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