The benefits of physical activity include increased stamina, energy, and a lower risk of various diseases such as diabetes. Additionally, many online sites in the United States are offering programs to increase confidence and improve their lives. Today we will focus on a site offering several freedom programs.

We will now examine the reviews to determine its authenticity.

Describing the Portal

The website ‘’ offers the clients a program for womens to cope with stress, traumas, and stuff that happened earlier. Women will also be able to use a special tool that improves their beauty.

Additionally, they claimed to be able create this initiation by researching many sources and modules in order to help women have a better body image. They provide information such as diets and schedules for maintaining body image, beauty, and other programs.

Let’s take a deeper look at the website’s specifications.

Site Information To Verify: Is Legit

  • It is possible to connect with other social media networks, such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • The website provides different diet programs for women to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • The portal’s domain creation was on 19-12-2018. However, it was ended on 19-12-2021.
  • Ilene Lehinsky, the founder of the website, is it.
  • For inquiry, you can contact the portal’s owner via mailing address, i.e., [email protected].
  • We have identified the newsletter option as being available on the website’s homepage.
  • The number to call is 518570-6164
  • PayPal, MasterCard, and others are all options for transacting on the site.
  • is the website’s official URL.
  • The reviews have not been compiled. We have not identified any hints regarding the firm’s location.

Why The Portal Is Advantageous?

  • There is a free one-hour consultation.
  • There is a phone number and a mailing address available at the site.
  • It also shows the identity of its founder, demonstrating the portal’s trustworthiness.
  • YouTube features some users’ reactions.
  • The website boasts a trustworthy trust score and a trust rank between 86% and 75.4/100.

What’s the Website’s Achilles?

  • Site has failed to provide its office address, creating doubt.
  • According to the reviews, Trustpilot has not been used by the client.

Is Bodyfreedomtoday a safe site?

This section will reveal some details about the site and provide an analysis to help determine its legitimacy. For any possible scams, we recommend you read the below details.

  • Domain Extension Date- This website’s expiration is on 19/12/2021.
  • Trust score- It seems that the site is trustworthy and safe.
  • Founder’s Name-Ilene Lieshinsky is the owner at
  • Trust Ranking-Out Of 100, a 75.4 trust ranking value is shown.
  • Customers’ Opinion- While the Reviews aren’t available on Trustpilot yet, we found a few videos on the YouTube channel of their owner. also has reviews.
  • Domain Date- It is almost three years and two days old as of today. That means it’s a very reliable portal.
  • SocialMedia Presence- You can access the online portal on many social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Policies Since this site offers health- and beauty-related programs, there are no policies.
  • Address Originality-We haven’t found any addresses on the site. We cannot conclude that’is Legit ‘.
  • AlexaRank-No Alexa rank is found for
  • Discounts offered- No false rebates.

Users Reaction

Trustpilot reviews can’t be found on this website. Aside from that, there are no customer reviews available on Facebook and Instagram. YouTube does show that some users have expressed appreciation for the owner but not any reviews.

However, you will find many comments from users on the portal. Please review the site carefully before you move on.


The reviews highlighted services/programs provided by the site.

After extensive research, we were able extract some opinions from clients. However, these opinions did not reflect their services.