Wordle has created a space in every word puzzler’s thoughts and players want to learn everything they can about the game. Its clone version like Quardle, Heardle and Nerdle is also thriving in nations like those of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Digital media has been covering the different aspects of Wordle or its cousin over the past two months, and also has provided regular solutions for Wordle. This article will review the various ways that Wordle operates and how they may benefit users.

To find out further on Wordle modes, continue reading The Blur Wordle until the final.

Wordle Different modes:

Wordle Clones of Wordle have caught the attention of many developers and players recently However, now things are becoming normal. In the initial phase of Wordle analysis, the focus was on how for playing the game, and its rules.

If we examine the game closely it is evident that this game has much more to offer. This is possible by enabling different modes within the game. The game has become a regular activity of people who love word puzzles in Canada as well as Australia.

There are three options within the game.

  • Hard Mode
  • Dark Theme
  • High contrast mode

Blur Wordle Mode and its benefits:

Hard mode is a game that involves the game’s gameplay and alters the way players guess within the game. In normal mode, players write words of their choice and, if the letters and the correct place is chosen tiles turn green and yellow accordingly.

In hard mode, participants must put the letters on a the yellow and green tiles in their next attempt to guess. The high contrast mode called improved vision mode and when it is in that mode the yellow and green colours are substituted by orange and blue color.

Normally, the incorrect letter will turn the tile gray. The same is true in the Blur Wordle the tile gets grey due to the incorrect letter.

A high-contrast mode usually used by colour blind people because it is known that orange and blue are easily recognized by those who suffer from colour blindness.

How to activate Blind Mode? Blind Mode?

Users who are in Colourblind mode are also able to publish their scores through social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook by posting their blue and orange boxes. The players can make use of these boxes to show off their talents to their colleagues and friends.

To enable to activate the Color Blind Mode to activate the Color Blind Mode, follow the steps below.

  • Start Wordle on your screen , then navigate to the setting on the right.
  • Blur Wordle is located after dark mode and hard mode.
  • To switch to Colourblind mode, toggle to the switch.
  • Go back to your desktop and begin playing the game.
  • Instead of green and yellow, the tile will change to both orange and blue.

Last verdict

While it’s a straightforward word puzzle game , the creator has attempted to make it fun by adding more options to the game. The hard mode is able to make the game more difficult while color mode is designed for the most disadvantaged players.

Wordle players are able to share their opinions on various ways to play in the comments section of Blur Wordle.