The wildfire that erupted last Thursday has grown in size, and it has engulfed most of Texas State. Although firefighters are trying to contain the flames, dry weather and strong winds are helping the fire spread to new areas.

Firefighting and evacuation are underway. Officials carrying retardants and tankers were rushed into Erath County, the United States. Continue reading Bluff Dale Fire to learn more.

Texas Fire Affected Areas:

Wildfire is the main threat to Texas’ north. Some small fires can be controlled completely by firefighters. Montague and Eastland are the most important areas of concern. Hood and Erath are also at risk.

These countries have been warned four times by the National Weather Team, and an evacuation order has been issued. Locals are being ravaged by the Big L fire in Erath, and the Kidd fire in Eastland County.

This wildfire saw the start of fifty fires, but only ten of them are still active.

Bluff Dale TX Fire:

Bluff Dale is also being affected by the wildfire. Officials are referring to the fire near Erath’s Hood border as the Big L fire. Initially, the fire covered approximately 3000 acres. However, it has now spread to 11000 acres.

Bluff Dale is located in Erath County. Officials say that fire broke out in Erath, moving towards Hood. Marshall Jeff Young says that fire is moving at 20 mph per hour making it difficult for authorities to control.

The wildfire that has ravaged 11000 acres is now under control by 20% and is still active at the time this article was written. During the rescue operation, two firefighters were burnt.

Bluff Dale Fire Impact:

The fire that started in Erath is now moving towards Hood, which is one of the most deadly wildfires in Texas. Officials have requested residents to evacuate the area as it is moving rapidly towards Lipan.

Kidd fire is another fire that is causing great concern. It has erupted and engulfed 42333 acres in Eastland County. The firefighter was able only to control forty percent of the fire at the time this article was written.

Eastland Fire has now burned 55000 acres. One of the sheriff’s deputys was killed in the rescue operation.

How the Government is trying control Texas Wildfires:

Bluff Dale Texas is the largest wildfires causing agency problems. As it allows more resources to fight wildfires, the Texas government has declared a “state of emergency” for 11 counties.

Locals are receiving disaster assistance, and residents can report any damage. The affected are provided with free meals by volunteers.

Note: All details are based solely on research from the internet.

Final verdict:

The majority of the small wildfire has been managed by firefighters. However, the Big L and Kidd fires need to be contained as soon as possible. The Bluff Dale Fire is being controlled by the government and its agency around the clock.