Real-time Bluetooth asset tracking offers a few benefits that make it stand out from other available technologies. What exactly is it and why should you choose it? Keep reading to learn more!

Bluetooth asset tracking – what is it?

Bluetooth asset tracking is considered one of the finest available technologies. It’s a cost-efficient solution that stands out thanks to impressively long battery life. It is perfect for reusable assets and it’s extremely versatile, as it can be used by all devices equipped with Bluetooth, including smartphones.  

Bluetooth asset tracking is an efficient solution that enables real-time asset tracking. It’s particularly helpful in industries such as healthcare where every minute can be worth its weight in gold.

Top benefits of this modern asset tracking technology

There are a few reasons why Bluetooth asset tracking is a good idea. The most popular benefits of this solution include:

  • It is the most cost-efficient option. Since integrated circuits cost 2 dollars, it’s possible to manufacture the tags without incurring great costs. 
  • Tags used for Bluetooth asset tracking are frequently waterproof. Moreover, they come in a variety of shapes. If we take into account the above-mentioned point concerning their attractive prices, we can state that it’s easy to buy Bluetooth asset tracking tags tailored to individual needs.
  • The tags impress with their battery life. They are efficient and it’s enough to replace them every 2 years. It helps to save both time and money. Moreover, this solution is the most sustainable option.
  • Bluetooth technology is a commonplace solution. The vast majority of modern devices like smartphones or laptops are equipped with Bluetooth. It’s a real cornerstone of wireless communication. Choosing Bluetooth asset tracking technology means that you don’t have to invest in professional BLE tag readers, as your phone can be used for this purpose. 
  • You can use your cell network to connect the BLE tags. This helps to keep the number of IoT devices connected to the network under control, which translates into greater security.
  • The accuracy of Bluetooth asset tracking technology depends on the number of beacons in a specific area. This makes the solution flexible, as you can resign from extra devices (thus reducing costs) in places that don’t require outstanding precision. 

The takeaway

From all the asset tracking technologies available on the market, BLE tags are the most efficient, secure, and cost-effective options. Investing in this option will certainly streamline your business processes. All this without exorbitant costs!