Did you come across Blox.Pink Roblox while playing? People say they receive appearance during the game that takes them to the Blox.Pink page.

Do you know that this website or URL redirects another page-blox.land? Users can access Blox.land in Philippines, Australia, Great Britain, United States, India and other countries around the world.

We know that people are confused and know if it is safe to use, not a scam. So read our article to clear things in your mind.

What is Blox.Pink Roblox?

Blox. Pink is an online URL that appears as a message when playing games on the famous platform, Roblox. Messages read that Free Robux await you in the link below.

However, after clicking a link you will be redirected to a different page called Blox.land.com, which offers free Robux in some basic steps.

Website is viral and available to many.

Recently, it has been found that many web URLs that have directed to the site listed above, like Blox.Pink Roblox.

What is Blox.land?

Blox.land is an online website offering Free Robux. You must log in to the website via Roblox username, Google account, new username and password.

Then you can make tasks and fill out offers displayed on the account switchboard. Some of them include watching short films, downloading mobile applications by introducing gifts, participating in research and many others.

Finally, you can withdraw all your Robux earned, creating a private server. You can choose an offer in your convenience.

Blox.Pink Roblox Safe to use or not?

You know that Blox.Pink is nothing, and Blox.land is a real website that offers Robux for free. Let’s see if this site is legal or not.

As you can see on the Internet, it received mixed reviews and reviews from users. This site has a good score of 93% confidence, and its domain age is also old (2 years, nine months and 11 days). This page seems to be trusted and legal, but we suggest you use Robux from the official Roblox website.

Customers opinion:

For Blox.Pink there are no more reviews. We can find only 2 videos from YouTube, in which the creators claim that this site is fraud, but no correct proof show. However, it would be the best if you looked at the reviews for Blox.land.

However, Trustpilot.com received a medium grade 3.5. 76% of people claim that the site is legal and not scam.

One user mentioned that this is a scam, and all good grades are caused by bots. One user replied his current Roblox username and claimed that the site is truly legal and provides free Robux.

Ultimate verdict:

Blox.Pink Roblox is just a URL on the site used to increase traffic on Blox.land. Different factors indicate the legitimacy of this site, but looking at customer reviews; We would ask you for caution when using it.

It is risky to use this site because Roblox Corporation can prohibit your identifier on the platform, as mentioned in their policy.