Following the outbreak of coronavirus We have been more vigilant about the presence of viruses and germs. The virus isn’t completely been eliminated yet, but we’ve resumptually gotten our lives back and prepared to deal with it. Additionally, a variety of products are available on the internet to help reduce the chance of contracting germs. Blowzee is just one of them.

The site is receiving a lot of requests from United Statesand Canada. Let’s look at these Blowzee reviews.

What is Blowzee?

Blowzee is the platform online which allows trade in one product that was designed to reduce the spread of viruses and germs at the moment of the candle blow on the cake for birthdays.

Additionally, the founders of the company have been recently on the ABC show “Shark Tank” pitching its new product “Blowzee” in the renowned reality show. Additionally, customers can be able to find all information regarding the product as well as customer feedback on the site. Unfortunately, the item is currently out of stock and not available on the site.

What do you think? Do you think? Is Blowzee Legit website or not? Let’s continue to discover.

Features of Blowzee

  • Website URL-
  • Products Candle blower
  • Customer Care number- not given
  • Address of the company: Mach33 Ventures, LLC – “The Blowzee” 10509 Patterson Ave. #29574 Henrico, VA 23238
  • Email address-
  • The estimated delivery time is within three to five working days
  • Exchange and return policy for ordersis not acceptable
  • The time for refunds is not stated.
  • Social media icons- available
  • Shipping charges-$1.99
  • Newsletter- mentioned
  • Domain launch date- 27/06/2020

Let’s read the buyers’ Blowzee Reviews to learn why customers should buy from the site.

The benefits of purchasing from Blowzee

  • The website claims it doesn’t sell any customer’s data.
  • Positive reviews from customers are available on the site.
  • The site’s products were available through renowned online stores.
  • Customers can find an email address for their company and valid email addresses on the website.

A few drawbacks to buying from Blowzee

  • From the Internet the item has been criticized for its mixed reviews.
  • The product is out of stock and is not currently available.
  • It will not accept returns.
  • The number for customer service isn’t listed on the site.

Is Blowzee Legit?

There are a lot of legitimate fraud sites online to lure innocent customers onto their websites to fulfill their criminal motivations. Therefore, experts always recommend that you check the authenticity of the website before you spend any money on websites to reduce the risk of falling victim to fraud.

To help buyers understand the site’s intent, we’ve introduced certain parameters. Please read the following paragraphs to better understand.

  • Trust ranking- The site is trustworthy since it has earned an 100% trust rating.
  • Date of creation of the domain name: The domain name of the site was found on the 27th of June, 2020 over a year ago.
  • Customer feedback- the positive shoppers’ Blowzee reviews are posted on the official website however mixed reviews can be collected on the internet.
  • Date of expiration for domain names- The domain name expires in 2022, which is the date of 27 June.
  • Trust score: The e-portal has been awarded a trust score of 60percent..
  • Alexa rank – the website’s Alexa rank is 1928371.
  • Copied content: The description of the product that was published and the section on us, and the images of the product are 100% original.
  • Address authenticity – The office address appears to be authentic. However, the customer care number is not listed.

How do I read the buyers’ Blowzee Reviews?

After appearing on the Shark Tank, it seems that sales on the site jumped up quickly. Additionally, on the official website, users have written positive reviews however on the renowned portal the product been awarded a 4 out of five and mixed reviews. Some users have said that the product is meant for one-time use. On the other hand, some claimed it’s an excellent start.

The final verdict

In analyzing the findings of these Blowzee reviews we found that the website appears be trustworthy and has gained huge popularity among the e-commerce world because of its unique launch of new products. But, there are some who like the their products, while some were some disappointment.

At the end of the day, prior to making any purchase consumers should review all reviews since the product has been criticized and has garnered mixed reviews.