In this article we’ve given our readers the procedure to finish your Blood Rising Squid Game by giving each step.

Do you enjoy playing various online games? Are you interested in learning about the latest maps and locations of your favorite online game? If so this article will provide details about the newly launched game.

Roblox Fish Game Roblox Fish Game, formerly Squid Game, has unveiled the new Blood Rising map. The squid game is loved by players across the globe particularly in the Philippines, United States and the United States, are eager to know more about the. In this article we’ll provide our readers with how to navigate how to navigate the Blood Rising Squid Game map.

What is a Squid Game or Fish Game?

Fish Game, also known as Squid Game, is a recently published game on Roblox, the most popular online gaming platform, Roblox. Squid Game, a famous Netflix series, served as the an inspiration to the concept. On September 26 2021 the game went live on Roblox.

Squid Game, the tv show that inspired Fish Game, premiered this September on Netflix. The show was very popular and an Roblox game based on it was developed in less than two weeks. Fish Game boasts more than 22 million players The game’s video has become an instant success. Before gaining knowledge of Fish Game’s map, Blood Rising Squid Game map, you must be aware of the plot of the Netflix dangerous drama series.

About the plot of the show Squid Game

Squid Game is a deadly death game. The plot of the show is based on 456 people who are struggling financially and are encouraged to take part in an event that awards the winner with a 38.5 million dollars to the winner. The ones who lose are executed swiftly in a terrifying game.

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The Roblox version operates similarly it has a lot of players participating in various games to determine who’s the winner.

About the map of Blood Rising Squid Game

Blood Rising is a game level that is part of Roblox’s Squid Game or Fish Game Roblox. Players must complete this game level before they can move on to the next level.

Here is the step-by-step guide to finish this map. Blood Rising Map:

  • First, you must go to the dumpster, not the slab for additional height
  • It is imperative to jump onto the red slab when the round begins so that you reduce the time spent
  • Continue up to the stairs.
  • Then, walk through the tunnel.
  • If you come to the red fence with the square that is next to it
  • If you notice the heart-shaped note, leap on the tiny steps and perform the parkour ( when engaging in Blood Rising Squid Game Parkour skills are highly needed)
  • After you have completed the tunnel, take another loop to get to the next floor
  • Once you have read the place continue to walk until you get to the red floor.
  • Continue on to the tunnel.
  • Once you’ve reached the final point in the tunnel that is yellow walk up to the red floor.
  • Continue into the tunnels, until you arrive at the end of the tunnel.
  • That’s how you can finish your Blood Rising level in Squid Game Enjoy!


Fish game, previously called Squid Game, is an exciting game in which players must compete against diverse games, such as blood rising to be victorious in the game. Check out this Fish Game Roblox official Fish Game Roblox pageto learn more about the game.

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