High-quality software makes it easier to manage your projects. You have probably heard of Bitrix24 software and how it helps businesses handle project management all at once. You may also wonder if it works for you. Or perhaps you are already thinking about using it in your company.  Obviously, you need to know more about this software. So, here is how Bitrix24 software can help you achieve better efficiency.

How Does Bitrix24 Software Work?

The main function of Bitrix24 software is to automate communication and management procedures within the company. This way, the software gives better results in more efficient project management. Bitrix24 works well for businesses of all sizes.  It offers amazing key tools to help you manage important communication platforms such as emails, messages, tasks, and even projects. 

Some people think that Bitrix24 feels more like a scammer’s tool than an innovative tool for CRM. Well, that is not completely correct. The first time you visit the Bitrix24 intranet, you would see something similar to Facebook. Yes, you read it right, Facebook. However, when you visit its CRM dashboard, you would find all the productivity tools you need there.

Based on the Bitrix24 demo, here are some tasks you can do with the assistance of this software:

  • Assign a task
  • Create a lead
  • Create an invoice
  • Close the deals
  • Easy information sharing
  • Record information
  • Classify the records

The interesting thing about this software is that you can customize almost anything. You can change what you see in your activity stream. This way, people in different locations can do less and more that they don’t need.

As a moderator, you also have the privilege to filter which users you want to grant permission to view specific messages. This feature is highly important not only to prevent sensitive information from being shared company-wide. More than that, with this feature, you don’t have to send everything one at a time.

What Are the Features?

Now let’s take a closer look into the software. Bitrix24 software categorizes the tools into five main features.

Easy Communication

This is the best feature you would get from the software.  If you read the Bitrix24 review, it will help you open the line of communication for your team members and company. This software is useful when it is difficult to communicate information or assign tasks throughout the company.

You can easily chat through videos, chat rooms, and workspaces and get everything in one place. It also offers an inclusive HR management system. This system will assist you with attendance, reports, workflows, payroll, and employee recording.

Ultimately, you can create individual working teams. This allows your team members to collaborate on projects and communicate over the platform. The best part is, this strategy works well both indoors and outdoors.

Task Management Feature

The next feature you get with Bitrix24 is the task management feature. This allows you to plan and execute your tasks properly. Therefore, you can make sure everything goes on schedule. The feature provides a team task manager that allows you to monitor the time spent on your project. Additionally, you would see who is working on what at any time.

The most important thing you can do is to make all team members accountable to reassure yourself. You can plan your project and manage it in stages. You can choose who will work on a particular task and track the progress easily.

CRM Feature

This feature is the most wanted one by many. The sales team has goal-achieving process management tools, pipeline management, sales reporting, patron support, and sales automation tools. Additionally, your sales teams can quickly see the current pipeline. Accordingly, you will see who is going through the goal-achieving process and who is stationary.

The CRM feature from Bitrix24 software helps you track all the marketing costs. Most importantly, it helps you calculate your return on investment. Another great thing is, this feature identifies marketing campaigns that can be continued and those that need to be stopped.

Web Page Feature

This might be something that you may not expect to be included for free. But at Bitrix24, you can get it for free. You would get a great visual website builder. With this feature, you can drag and drop everything on your landing page or even your e-commerce store.

The software also provides free domains and hosting. All templates are optimized for mobile devices and are responsive. 

Contact Center

The contact center is another great feature mentioned in the Bitrix24 demo. This feature allows you to get live chat on your website. This will help you provide social networking tools to keep in touch with your customers.

All the features offered here will not only help the team. You can also use them to improve customer service. Combining all this together, we can see how powerful Bitrix24 is. You now have a great tool for managing your team members and keeping them open to communication.

There is also a CRM feature that will track, route, and close leads in the goal-achieving process. Finally, you can talk to your customers easily and quickly get all the information they need to know.

The Benefits of Choosing Bitrix24 Software

Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing Bitrix24 software of Agile project management software is the fact that the free plan offers all the features. Nothing is locked.

This opens up a great opportunity to try out CRM and make your team get used to it. An extensive free plan allows you to check out different workflows and sales processes. Then, you can put into action the goals you want to achieve with your CRM software. Yes, it is entirely up to you to use.

We can confidently say that Bitrix24 is a permanent CRM solution, but with a simple upgrade system. The software also offers an additional benefit for advanced users. You would get access to a top team of developers which is the open-source nature of the software.

Being open-source, the software can be bent and shaped to what you need. For example, if you need to add API calls or create custom views for your sales page, it will be much easier to integrate with Bitrix24 software than any other CRM.

Bitrix24 Pricing Plans

Of course, a review will not be completed without informing the price. Bitrix24 pricing plans are more affordable compared to other project management software.

You can get a free plan to start working online and sell more in CRM. If you wish to advance, you can go with the Basic plan at $30 monthly. This plan offers effective collaboration for small businesses and sales teams.

Meanwhile, the Standard plan will help you expand collaboration across the company and team members. This one is offered at $60 monthly. Finally, you can optimize the sales and business process automation with a Professional plan at $120 monthly.

The options are there, it all depends on you to choose which plan from Bitrix24 software that best suits your business needs.