The internet is a constantly and viciously evolving place and when it comes to online slots at top10slotgames, it can be almost impossible to navigate yourself through the maze of offers, payments, games, themes, wagers, volatility rates, and thousands of other terms that seemingly make no sense.

One of the main pieces of jargon that has recently come to light is the term the bitcoin slot, which many to this day may still be confused about. Some of you may be thinking that bitcoin is only for black market dodgy deals where some of you may not even be familiar with the currency itself.

To put your mind at ease, we are here to clue you in to what bitcoin slots are and whether they are worth it for you to be playing them!

What are the Advantages of Bitcoin Slots?

First of all, what the hell are bitcoin slots? Well, bitcoin is a new form of currency only accessible through the internet. The special appeal of bitcoin is that it is encrypted, meaning that your funds are secured by a lengthy code that is near impossible to crack, and impossible for major banks and governments to see.

Bitcoin slots, therefore, are online slot games that allow you to pay and win with this online currency, its as simple as that… but why would people love bitcoin slots so much?

·         Anonymity – Bitcoin has the beauty of being encrypted, meaning that none of those pesky spying higher bodies such as banks and governments can’t have a look at what you are getting up to

·         Ease – The convenience only works if you already have your bitcoin account set up, after that playing bitcoin slots is all smooth sailing as you can simply link up your secure account to your favourite online slots site

·         Security – Now, this is possibly the most popular feature of bitcoin slots. As in the aforementioned, bitcoin is securely embedded behind a wall of thick code so nobody, but you can access your account, making your money absolutely secure!

What are the Disadvantages of Bitcoin Slots?

We know that some of you high rollers out there can handle the bitcoin, but for some it can be a little confusing and farfetched, so as to give you a equal argument for and against bitcoin slots we have outlined the potential disadvantages you could come across with bitcoin slots:

·         Confusing – Creating a bitcoin account certainly requires a young person in the room who knows how to handle technology. Although the payoff is beneficial, the setup can be convoluted and confusing sometimes

·         Unfamiliar – You are a pro and you have been winning online slots the way that you know best, for you it might just be that you do not need a new way of playing and paying as you are doing just fine as you are. If that is the case then we have no chance convincing you, but we wish you the very best of luck!