As online bingo and sports betting sites have transformed into sprawling game centres, the operators have included a wide variety of games to seduce as many players as possible. Among the two popular games added in the iGaming games portfolio are the bingo slots and scratch cards. Bingo slots have become prevalent at both the bingo halls and websites as they can provide more prizes in an exciting mood. The scratch cards have also invaded the online gaming markets with more improved variations seducing more players. The facts that these two games provide greater levels of suspense make them appealing among the players. As bingo slots and scratch cards have become our common entertaining activities, what’s the difference between these two games?

Bingo Slots

The slot machines are divided into two categories; class 2 and class 3 machines. The class 2 machines are also known as bingo slot machines and they are different from class 3. Created to replicate the class 3 slot machines, the bingo-based slots promise as loads of fun as the class 3 slot games. The bingo cards are displayed on the corner of the machine making this game more exciting. The game’s rules are similar to bingo but they are played on machines or computers. Today, this game has gained popularity in online bingo sites with more enhanced graphics and stunning animations. Taking the name of Slingo, you can register at Deal or no Deal bingo sites to enjoy the wide array of slingo games. Different variations of bingo slots can be played on the best platforms which come with various themes and profitable features.

Scratch Cards

Invented in 1974 by the two American entrepreneurs; John Koza and Daniel Bower, scratch cards have become a global phenomenon and have remained popular despite the release of several games of pure chance. Although this game is not a typical casino game, it is impossible to not see this thrilling game on renowned bingo sites and sports betting platforms. To win the incredible prize on scratch cards, you have to remove the card’s surface and match symbols or numbers. Transported into the online gaming industry, the online scratch cards were designed with impressive graphics and interesting themes making the game appreciated among the players. Apart from the traditional version, a diverse range of scratch cards variations also promises huge gains in an exciting mood which include Instant Wins, Multiple Chances, Lines, and many others.

Which is more popular?

The main reason for bingo slots and scratch cards’ popularity in the 21st-century is their simplicity but can provide more enjoyment. These games are omnipresent in our hobbies list and as they merge with innovations, their notoriety has increased in parallel. To answer the question about the more popular game, both scratch cards and bingo slots are well-known on the bingo websites or Sportsbook. As a matter of fact, there are no particular rules when playing these social games so players of all ages are able to have fun with the games. In other words, there is no need to focus on applying strategies and all they have to do is to depend on luck. The enthusiasm and thrill that these games generate is an incomparable experience.


The leading operators in online gaming provide a large selection of scratch cards and bingo slots enabling the players to play via desktop or mobile devices. These two social games have continued to increase in popularity in spite of the appearance of several casino games. As these games are suitable for every budget level, choosing them gives the opportunity to enjoy the best gaming experience with a lower sum of money. Thanks to the advancements in technology, bingo slots and scratch cards can provide an unrivaled gaming mood as they were designed with more seductive features.