Do you know Bigger Roofing, Inc.? The company has been in the news for a few reasons. People are now checking reviews on several websites about the company. The Bigger roofing business was founded in 2012. The Bigger roofing company is the most recognized brand in the roofing business.

The company can provide services to both household and commercial customers. The company serves many clients in the United States area and Canada. We will be searching for Better Roofing Reviews. We’ll explore trusted websites to verify reviews.

What can you find in the Reviews?

First, we searched the company website. Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews. It also gave the name of the client as well as the association to the company. We also check other verified and trusted websites.

On the other site, there is no direct feedback from customers about the company’s services and protocols. We do know some interesting things about the company. Joshua Bigger, the company’s owner.

Bigger Roofing Ontario

Ontario’s Roofing Company is another prominent company. The company offers a wide range of roofing services to its clients. We have inspected the company’s web site and other portals. The work list was then generated.

  1. The company was involved in the installation of water and/or ice in Ontario.
  2. Provides flashing and new valleys services
  3. It also offers manufacturing specifications such as colour or brand.
  4. Another significant work of the company is the ventilation instalment. Ventilation works include solar power venting and ridge venting.
  5. The company also provides services for removing old materials.

Bigger Roofing Canada

The company is also present in Canada. The company is located at Campden, ON. The company is located in Campden, ON. They serve the country as bridge contractors, building finishing contractors and heavy and civil engineering contractor.

The company also acts as a roofer in the country. The company has a solid reputation among its clients. As a provider of services, Roofing is often associated to other big companies. However, similar results were found for Larger Roofing Niagara Reviews.

Why is the News So Popular?

A few days ago, many people checked the valid information about the company. The founder is:

  1. The website domain was established on 13th August 2013.
  2. Website popularity is not high at around 10523911.
  3. Index Trust Score 65.1 percent
  4. The website detects the valid HTTPS protocol.
  5. The suspicious proximity score stands at 15 percent
  6. The website also has a page for social media.


Last but not least, we can confirm that we have verified the website’s trust score at 86 percent. It’s an amazing trust score, Bigger Roof Niagara. The official website has all the information.