Are you looking to improve your health? Do you need to purchase exercise equipment from an online store? If you are, then this web portal is the right place for you. It features a wide variety of exercise equipment for improving your fitness. This webpage has gained World popularity.

Today’s Bigfitness Reviews blog will discuss the different products and other details to help you understand its Credibility. Continue reading the blog.

What is and how can it help you?

This is a wonderful shopping website. The website has a large selection of exercise equipment and gym gear. It offers a huge selection of equipment like dumbbells. Olympic Bars. Functional Trainers. Bodymaster Dec. Exercise bikes. Treadmills. Power rack. and weight bench. It offers equipment rental. Its equipment is excellent in quality. But, as it sells all its products online it is vital to determine Bigfitness or a fraud.

Points to be followed:

  • This is the URL of the
  • The website existed at:The web site was created on 09/04/1997.
  • The domain will expire at 09/04/2023.
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Website address:999 Pontiac Ave. Cranston RI. 02905 is the exact address.
  • Shipping:It provides shipping services within a few week with a set charge.
  • Amount of Free Delivery: There’s no detail on the free delivery for its products.
  • Contact phone:4012035659 number.
  • Express delivery details:Under Bigfitness Reports.
  • The page owner: We don’t have any information about the owner.
  • Social media Account:Facebook logos, Pinterest logos and Twitter logos available on its homepage.
  • Return times:It is not possible to return products that have been used or new.
  • Payment Gateways: Visa, PayPal, Master card etc. offers advantages

  • It allows customers to make various payment arrangements.
  • It has given its phone number.
  • It has moved from its original site to this one.

  • It didn’t provide any details regarding the owner’s identity.

Is bigfitness legit scam web portal?

This website has great equipment for the gym, but because it deals with online sites, it’s important to confirm its legitimacy. The following points will help determine its Credibility.

  • HTML0: The first web portal was built on September 9, 1997.
  • The rank and trust ofThe website has an average trust score of 76%.
  • Copied content rate HTML0 _____ The rate of copying content from the website is 4%
  • A discount rate for You can get a discount on your products.
  • Email is legal: The website has provided a legitimate email service.
  • Social Platform Logos: Following Bigfitness, Facebook Facebook Pinterest and Twitter logos available on its homepage.
  • Web Portal exact address:999 Pontiac Ave Cranston Rhode Island, 02905 This is the website’s address.
  • Goods Exchange It substitutes goods that have been damaged.
  • Order Return freight On its website, there are no details regarding the order return costs.
  • Alexa ranking global: The Alexa rank global of the website at #3722699 is
  • Cancel the Order service: This webpage does not contain any information regarding the Order cancellation process.
  • Order Return Policy: There are no details available on this website about the refund process.
  • Terms & Policies:It shares various policy pages via its web portal.

Bigfitness reviews:

Its website contains very few reviews by customers. The website’s alexa rank stands at #3722699. There are many logos for social media sites on the website. However, it does not have any reviews of its products.


This portal has many years of experience in the online market. It does not have many customers. The trustindex has been low for this web portal.