Have you heard of Big Cats in NFT? Large Cats are part of the NFT are an important part of the Metaverse. It has seen a number of notable artists who have brought Cats into existence.

The current NFT feature is Big Cats NFT that would launch 2nd February 2022 and would feature a number of Marvel artists All over the world..

We can learn the more details regarding big NFT cats in the following article.

What is it exactly? Big Cats?

In the Metaverse There is a set of special 3-dimensional drawn by hand Big Cats. The drawings are by some of the most famous Marvel artist who drawn Ironman, The Hulk, and a myriad of other famous Marvel characters.

On The ETH as well as the Ethereum Blockchain The Ethereum Blockchain or ETH Big Cats would create a unique NFT-based selection. The presale of 0.1 ETH started on January 28th 2022.

According to the Discord the world-renowned artists Enrique Mateo-Sagasta as well as Ricardo Cesar have opted to draw on their expertise and experience of large studios in order to create an idea that was never available on the NFT sector.

What’s the distinctiveness of the Big NFT Cats?

Many people have jumped on board to the NFT initiative from Big Cats. The project is distinctive and unique aside from the artwork used in the project it also has a unique metaverse. NFT seems to be growing into the Metaverse.

But, the information available regarding the project is not extensive and does not include its features or roadmap.

However, based on the number of NFTs that remain to be coined and the number of members on the Discord group, it is likely that each one will be issued prior to any auction open to the general public.

What can Enrique’s work be of benefit to the development of NFT?

Enrique has been involved in important cultural productions like Star Wars, X-Men, and Men in Black, to name a few, including the Big Cats from NFT .

The craftsmanship is as impressive and intricate and his work could raise that of the Big Cats to a level that will inspire curiosity and longing throughout the Metaverse.

In addition, his artwork will grow more ferocious which will result in attractive and intimidating Big Cats.

If you get one One of the Big Cats You would then be able to see the fact that you have an avatar incredibly superior to other NFTs that are available.

What is the role of Ricardo as a participant in his role in Big Cats project?

The earlier work of Ricardo C. Rebeirgo is comprised of Aquaman, The Fast & Furious, Thor, and Avenger. In addition, he’s associated with several extraordinary films.

The focus is on the creation of The big NFT Cats collection with characters, personalities, and distinctive poses.

What’s that is included within The Big Cats collection?

The whitelist of Big Cats NFT appears to be nearly full with just 350 seats left which will go to auction soon. You can join their Discord to share fascinating facts.


Big Cats is the newly launched NFT project with the backing of world-renowned artists such as Ricardo Cesar Rebeirgo and Enrique Mateo-Sagasta.

Numerous well-known artists have been involved in Marvel films like Thor, Spider-Man, Avengers and Marvel animated productions.

They also a part in The “Big NFT Cats” project, featuring an exclusive selection of characters as well as a roadmap and utilities.