What was the Wordle 432-related answer for Thursday, August 25th? Answer: “CLOWN.” Joe Biden called Donald Trump, who was frequently stopped at the first presidential forum leading up to 2020, a “clown”, and stated that “this man doesn’t get what he’s talking.”

There are many countries in the world with the highest Wordle score. This list includes many countries including Australia,the United States of America, Canada,the United Kingdom. People are reacting to Biden on the Internet.

What Joe Biden said after the debate?

Joe Biden called Donald Trump a clown during September 2020’s first TV debate.

A lot of controversy erupted around the world “Clown” as used by Wordle #432 in August 25. Biden Define argued that Trump should have been called a “clown” and the word “clownish”.

What did Kamala talk about Wordle in

Kamala Harris, vice president, claimed that Wordle is something she uses frequently and that she might have used it while in Poland last month. She said that her phone’s safety settings prevent her from disclosing the results to her friends.

Harris replied that she had played the game for 48 straight days. Harris was then asked if Harris has ever missed one day of writing due to travel. Harris was also asked about Bidens Game. She answered, “does Joe Biden play Wordle?” She responded, “No. I don’t know anything about this.”


Wordle can be played from any web browser. You can start your word challenge by visiting the New York Times official website. Wordle may still work for free, despite the fact that Wordle has been upgraded.

Since October 2021’s creation, players of all ages have enjoyed the game. The Wordle puzzle was acquired by The NYT for a substantial sum.

is a bidens Word used by Wordle

Don’t try and guess things simply because they aren’t listed in the dictionary. Names cannot be Wordle solutions until they have a second meaning. Andrew Taylor of YouTube reports that Wordle offers almost 2,000 options for answers and nearly 13,000 possibilities for guesses.


The word-guessing puzzle became a huge hit after its publication in October 2021. The game is well-known. Wordle is becoming a political Wordle, according to many. This is because Biden has prompted many to share their reactions via social media. Some are making fun. Do you like Wordle? Please comment to share your Wordle scores.