There are plenty of tipsters offering F1 betting tips, VIP betting tips among other markets; all a punter has to do is establish the credibility of the source. While for experienced bettors this may be easy, punters who are starting out can rely on the experience of the tipsters to have a breakthrough. As a starter, the assistance offered by online sports betting experts spread across several platforms can be useful. For instance, Mightytips has been recognized as a credible and reliable source of tips as well as a comprehensive analysis of bookmakers. Reliance on such platforms not only gives confidence when combing through betting tips but also gives a head start when choosing the right bookmaker. In this article, we will explore the betting tips in Europe with our focus being the Europa League.

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What to expect

Action has already started for this season’s competition. Qualifying rounds and group stages have been played. Knock-out stages will be running from 17th to 24th February with the last sixteen team meeting on March 10th and repeat matches played on 17th March 2022. Aladar Kollar observes that the 2021/22 season is different from the previous tournament more so with the introduction of the Europa conference League. There are fewer teams in the qualifying rounds and the group stage will only have 32 clubs as opposed to 48 in the previous years. Aladar had this observation „Még ha csökkent is a csapatok létszáma a ligában, a szurkolóknak és a fogadóknak a korábbi évekhez hasonló akciókra kell számítaniuk. A magyar sportfogadó oldalak, vagy ahogy az angolul beszélő fogadók hívják, a Hungarian Sporting betting oldalak más európai bukmékerek mellett a korábbi évekhez hasonlóan a megszokott izgalmakkal látják majd el a szurkolókat és a fogadókat.”

Bettors looking to make the right predictions in the Europa League matches are combing through soccer bookmakers to get the best betting tips and most competitive odds. Sometimes, this information may be hard to come by especially if a punter has not learned the ropes. Pundits advise that one has to identify credible sites when it comes to acquiring information that will make a difference.

UEFA Europa League

 Europa League is one of the prestigious tournaments in Europe. Football fans and bettors look forward to its matches and action-packed season. Although it may be in the shadows of the higher and more popular Champions League, clubs fight out to win the tournament. The team that wins the cup gets to play in the Champions League in the next season, a position that is preserved for the top clubs in Europe.

Last season, Villareal got the honors when it beat Manchester United in a match that was one of the difficulties in the history of the UEFA Europa League. In this match, Villareal was coming in as an underdog but they opened the scoring in the 30th minute with a goal from the Spanish striker Gerard Moreno Balaguero. Manchester United was to equalize when Marcus Rashford shot from 20 yards deflected off Scott Mc Tominay to Cavani who shot the ball from five yards. 

Those who had predicted for a Manchester United win had their hopes raised but were disappointed when the penalty shot went all the way to goalkeepers and Geronimo Rulli had the honors of converting his kick into a goal. When it was David de Gea’s turn to kick, the Villareal keeper saved it, helping his team carry the day. Bettors who had predicted a Villareal win were smiling all the way to the bank as their team carried the day. Manchester United displayed a good performance with a total shot count of 14 against Villareal but the failure to convert the shots and a higher ball possession into goals as well as failure to save any of the penalties cost them the cup.

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Useful Europa betting tips as the league progresses

Bettors looking to make a catch in the remaining matches need to understand that rotation of squad is a norm. It happened in the last season and it is expected to feature prominently in the current tournament.

As the competition progresses, clubs get more serious especially those that face stiff competition and home and their hopes of playing at Champions League courtesy of good performance in their home leagues are diminished. Open betting tips from credible tipsters have shown that looking at the lineups before wagering on a match gives the punter an upper hand. Clubs that field strong squads can have the luxury of leaving out key players but the struggling and thinner sides will have it rough if they try such a thing.

Just like Olympics betting tips, wagering on the Europa league heavily relies on statistics. Betting experts normally study the teams and offer statistics that bettors can use to make predictions. They normally look at different factors including:

  • Whether the match is played away or at home
  • The players with injuries or those who have been suspended
  • The team’s performance in the recent matches, among others

As Europa League progresses, it will gradually become clear who will make it to the higher levels. As for now, all the bettors can do is analyze the teams and also rely on the betting tips that are offered by credible tipsters in Europe.