So to understand the issue there’re a few things that say this. It’s like that some of them are quite basic but they’re very important and the broader public don’t know the answers to this. a lot of time which is a bit of a shame, so I am gonna filler over betting common misunderstanding.

There was a question for the match betting Q&A from Izzy on the profit Russian community forum and I think this is a bit of a common problem. By the way we’ve various different bookmakers if you’re not aware, which is why we’ve chosen to answer it.

Common misconception

So the question goes on like  “I have done a bet with app bet365 and cashing from it isn’t available. I can’t get to understand for this life of me why the cash out option is not available. Please help since I have gained profit which I can’t get left handed on damn it’s frustrating” Let’s find out the truth below.

What is the truth about bet365?

So first of all, it will inevitably happen or on other book makers too so it applies to what maker you may have used. Now there may be many reasons why they’re not offering cash out from it being an obscure market this of low interest meaning that there’s less liquidity for

them, or there’s less reason for them to offer cash up because they’ve got a healthy margin built into the price anyway that may have turned it off various technical reasons, or it may also be because the betting market suspended so if it’s football something like that in play. Now, the first thing to say is cash out with a bookmaker is terrible because there’s huge margins built into the initial price and built into the cash out price, meaning that you get to keep very little of your overall profit. So if you’re seeing a green or a good hedge figure on the bookmaker with the cash out option, chances are you would have got a whole lot more in your pocket for exactly the same bit if you’d placed it on an exchange.

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Now obviously you could be doing this in conjunction with some match betting. So you may have placed by a bit of a bookmaker commission-free fair enough but if you’re laying off an existing back bet, I would always advise using a betting exchange particularly one of those on low commission we now know Betfair offer a 2% low commission rate. If you’ve gone via the Prophet Rush link on the Prophet rush site you can get 0% on bet back up until the end of the year. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using a bit of an exchange to lay off your bets although I understand it could be a liability issue there. 


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