Although, learning a foreign language can seem complex and impossible. There are many tools and means available to assist you in your language learning efforts in today’s world, including the one you probably currently use for enjoyment. Many creators on YouTube can assist you in learning a new language. We have compiled a list of resources (best YouTube channels) to help you learn a new language in this article. 

Many channels on YouTube can assist you in learning a new language. However, not all learning courses are equally successful. Here’s the list of the most beneficial languages and some of the best YouTube channels that teach these languages.

If you’re planning a vacation to a country where your new language is spoken, knowing more about that country’s culture can help you learn the language faster. It is an ideal method to enhance your pronunciation of city and town names and your knowledge of travel-related words. 

The Best YouTube Channels To Learn Top 5 Languages

Here’s the list of the most beneficial languages and some of the best YouTube channels that teach these languages. 

  1. German

Get Germanized: It is one of YouTube’s oldest German channels. All of the German language videos, whether German slang words, grammar lessons, or German for newbies, can be found here!

Authentic German Learning: This channel offers free German education, but its Daily Dose of German series is an adequate resource for learning the language. To observe improvements in your German level, you need a tiny daily dose. Because the guy speaks quickly, this one is better suited for intermediate and advanced learners. 

  1. Italian

Terzo segreto: This channel is fantastic. They have a lot of entertaining short videos. It is appropriate for intermediate to advanced students. It’s not a vlog like the others on this list; instead, they offer short films on various subjects that are all amusing. 

Willwoosh: This guy speaks quickly (as do all Italians). Therefore, you will need to be a fluent Italian speaker to keep up with him. He talks about various topics, and you can also follow him on his second channel, willwoosh2. 

Sgrammaticando: At long last, a lady appears on our list! It is an explanation of Italian grammar in Italian. Grammar is an essential part of any language, and no matter how much you despise it, you need it to speak properly. 

  1. Spanish

Learn Spanish with SpanishPod101: This site has a lot of Spanish classes. There is a lot of vocabulary and some grammar and Spanish culture. Beginners should check out this channel. They feature distinct types of Mexican Spanish and Spanish spoken in Spain and series on various themes. 

EnchufeTV: This channel features a variety of entertaining videos. It originates in Ecuador, where the Spanish spoken is among the cleanest and easiest to comprehend. Even though it is not designed to teach Spanish, it is appropriate for persons who have a basic understanding of the language and wish to improve their listening abilities. 

  1. Arabic

Maha speaks Arabic: Because of its strange-looking alphabet, Arabic is said to be challenging to learn, but Maha can teach you Arabic on YouTube. She can even demonstrate how to prepare hummus! For complete beginners, this channel is ideal. It is claimed that their method may assist people in learning Arabic in just a few months. We include tested it yet, but it seems to be functioning based on the testimonies. 

N2OComedy: A comedy channel with a large amount of content. Because they do not teach Arabic, it should be helpful for intermediate or advanced Arabic speakers. The intended demographic are people who are already proficient. 

  1. Dutch

Dutch for Noobs: This girl teaches Dutch on her channel. Therefore, it’s suitable for Dutch beginners. There are grammar courses, pronunciation videos, and some about Dutch culture, so it’s an excellent place to start.  

Ik ook van jou: This is a television show featuring four couples. This channel has a lot of entertaining short movies, but the most significant part is that they speak clearly, so you should be able to understand the jokes if you know Dutch. 

Final Thoughts!

Because of its many alternatives, YouTube is fantastic, but going through all language learning channels can be overwhelming! These videos are of excellent quality and resolution. You can ask questions or share something in the analysis area below the video.

So, stop searching anymore, and bookmark your favorite language learning Youtube channel and start learning your target language.