Wine has long been known for bringing people together and is the cornerstone of any setting that involves food, and picnics are no different! Whether it’s a cheese board day (I mean isn’t every day?), a BBQ in the park, or al-fresco pizzas in the sun, wine has to be the go-to drink of choice. From the most perfectly planned picnic to ad-hoc park hangs, here are some killer wine and food pairings to suit all occasions! New world wine is a good consideration for this purpose. Check them out below! 

Back garden ready with BBQ Bevvies 

The best kind of picnic on a hot summer’s day has to be a BBQ! If you don’t have a public BBQ nearby, who says you can’t have a picnic in your own backyard? A fiery afternoon on the coals calls for some red-hot, full-bodied flavours from the Shiraz, Sangiovese, and Shiraz Cabernet categories. Sangiovese has been a hit at barbies for centuries, and with its savoury edge, it’s easy to taste why. A juicy red with hints of spice from a classic Heathcote Shiraz is the perfect addition to BBQ food but also for sipping the evening away when the flames have cooled. 

A Shiraz Cabernet will be a saving grace in case the chef is overzealous with the charcoal, and no matter the outcome of the food, a wine like Pizzini Nonna Gisela Sangiovese will deliver. Head Heart and Home Dry Red (Shiraz Cabernet) and Boucher Heathcote Shiraz are also our top picks for a BBQ picnic with some wow factor. 

Get the drinks right for date night

Thinking of going stargazing with your significant other? Catching an evening movie at a moonlight cinema? That’s right – it’s date night picnic time! Remember though, date night is one thing – date night with the right drinks is another. All the romance in the world could go down like a lead balloon if what’s in your glass tastes subpar. So how can you ensure that everything is perfect, right down to the last sip? 

Start the night off by getting fizzy with Paul Louis Blanc De Blanc NV. After French bubbles get you off on the right foot, continue the white night by cracking open a Harvest Pinot Gris from Unico Zelo or introduce a cunning rouge and end the evening with a Greenstone Gusto Sangiovese. If the clouds block the stars or the movie is terrible, take comfort in knowing that at least you nailed the drinks part of the night! 

Pasta wine, it’s picnic time

Yep, you might argue that pasta isn’t your usual picnic cuisine – but if you can’t plonk yourself in the park and inhale noodles like nobody’s watching, then are you really living? Get sipping and slurping with the best picks for your pasta in the park! Whether you’re going for traditional spaghetti or you’re craving ramen, these varietals will have your taste buds in overdrive! 

For Vietnamese food, the most obvious choice is Gippsland Wine Co’s Pinot Gris. Its balanced flavour with a crisp, dry finish complements the fresh herbs and spices found in many noodle dishes. Schwarz Chenin Blanc is known for its easy drinkability and light and fresh characteristics, perfect if you’re wanting the flavours of your dish to be the frontrunner in your combo. Of course, we can’t forget to give a shoutout to the Animale Pinot Noir. The ‘anywhere, anytime’ Pinot is bursting with fresh berry fruit and hints of spice, the perfect plus one for any noodle dish. 

When the wine has a pizza your heart  

Of all food choices, there’s no doubt that pizza can be universally consumed. Fresh off the woodfire or two day’s old, pizza is a staple, add in a glass of wine and you’ve got a combination that soothes the soul. If you’re wanting something more substantial than a cheese platter and BBQs aren’t your thing, why not set up a pizza picnic? Montevicchio Rosso, Greenstone Gusto Sangiovese and Poggia Anima Gabriel Pecorino are just some of the sips we suggest pairing with your favourite slice. 

Montevicchio Rosso is packed with red berry fruitiness and is known for being paired with rich tomato-based dishes, the perfect all-rounder for a tomato-based pizza then! Ripe cherries and a dark red hue from Greenstone’s Gusto Sangiovese makes this a lively wine that’s great for sharing. With nice density and a fresh citrus character, Poggia Anima Gabriel Pecorino works well with cured meats, tomato-based sauces and cheese, need we say more? 

Looking to buy wine online for your next picnic? Check out more of our huge selection of reds, whites, rosé and more. If you are looking to have alcohol delivered to your doorstep, look no further than Hairydog!