A blocked toilet is always a concern. After all, it means you are no longer able to use the facilities in your own home and tells you there could be a much bigger issue with your drains. Most homeowners will reach for the plunger. However, unless it is a toilet plunger it is unlikely to have any effect other than to potentially make the situation worse.

Don’t forget, poking and prodding your toilet is likely to make the clog harder to shift. If you don’t know what to do then it is often best to call the emergency plumber

However, you can also try the following methods of unclogging a toilet without a plunger:

Use Hot Water

Note, this is hot water but not boiling as that can damage the bowl or the pipes. Simply take a bowl of water and carefully pour it into the toilet. It’s best to pour it as close to the toilet as possible, you don’t want the dirty water splashing into your bathroom. 

Wait a few minutes and see if this helps. When you are dealing with waste-based clogs this will dissolve the fats and allow things to get moving again. 

If this doesn’t work by itself then add some dish soap to your toilet bowl and leave it to settle on the clog for at least five minutes. You can then carefully add a second bowl of hot water to your toilet and see if the clog shifts.

Baking Soda & Vinegar

You may have already experienced the effect of mixing these two compounds, it is explosive but safe. Simply add a cup of baking soda to your toilet, spread it as evenly as possible across the clogged area or base of the toilet. You can give it a few minutes to settle if you need to.

Then, pour two cups of vinegar over the baking soda. It will instantly start to fizz and these mini-explosions can disrupt the clog. Leave it for a couple of hours and see if the clog has gone. If not, do it again and perhaps leave it overnight. 

Use A Piece Of Wire

Putting anything into the toilet can make the clog harder to remove. But, you can get a toilet auger which is effectively a piece of metal that is flexible and strong. It can snake around the pipes and punch through the clog, hopefully persuading it to move.

If you don’t have an auger handy then try a metal coat hanger or another piece of similar metal. Unwind it and then slide it into the toilet, twist, and prod with it to help it get around the pipes and break up any clog. 

This is usually effective.

Get the Plumber

If your clog is refusing to move then it’s time to get the plumber in. They may have a few more tricks up their sleeve. Or, they may simply disconnect the pipe at the back of the toilet and clear the clog this way. It should be noted this is messy and best done by professionals.